Smoke House

Brewed from
Yunnan black tea

Alcohol content
0.5% - that means it classes as a soft drink

Flavour descriptors
Rich, full-bodied, smokey, musk, fire, caramel, velvet, cider

Brewed from a high grown black tea from the south western districts of Yunnan in Southern China. Rich, smokey with apple and caramel undertones, Smoke House has a warm golden colour. Most would believe that this kombucha is a cider, albeit one with a smokey twist.

Loved by anyone who likes a good pint of something: its amber colour reflects both beer and cider, and its malty, smokey flavour is commonly appreciated by those with a taste for anything frothy and traditional. Medium carbonated, Smoke House pours with a reasonable head which goes away quite quickly. 

We tend to drink this more in the evening, often with food, or just in the pub. It is best drunk medium cold and it tastes great with spicy or smokey foods and hard cheeses. A word of warning: its strong taste can detract from lighter foods, and we're not too fond of drinking it alongside soft or blue cheeses. 

Drink it out of the bottle or in a tall glass to show off its aroma and colour. Smoke House doesn't look comfortable in a wine glass. 

Smoke House looking smokey

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