Real Kombucha Smoke House

Smoke House is brewed from a delicate, smokey black tea from the district of Yunnan in the high mountains of southern China. It is often grown by smaller, permaculture plantations. The growers climb the ancient, fully-grown trees to pick the finest leaves.


Smoke House is rich, rounded and full of apple and caramel with a delicate smokey top note. While you notice the tea character more than with the other brews, most would guess they were drinking a light natural cider.


Smoke House serves well alongside robust meats, spicy and smoked foods or full-flavoured sauces. It’s also fantastic with rich desserts or as a relaxing post-dinner digestif.


Fermented from a black tea, Smoke House holds chocolate, malt and floral characters well, making it an ideal mixer for rums, whiskies and big-flavoured spirits. It also blends well with dry spices and green herbs.