Royal Flush

Brewed from
First Flush Darjeeling

Alcohol content
0.5% - that means it classes as a soft drink

Flavour descriptors
Fresh, fruity, floral, rose, vanilla, quince, Indian spices

Brewed from fragrant First Flush Darjeeling teas, picked by hand as the tips of the plant begin to emerge in the spring. The tea is richly fragrant and creates a kombucha that is very fresh and floral with notes of rose, vanilla and quince. The fruit and spice flavours round out the acids to make it very rich and delicate on the tongue.

Royal Flush is great when drunk in a wine or champagne glass as it's quite a special tipple. And we must insist: serve this kombucha very cold.

We would ideally drink First Flush alone without food, maybe as an aperitif. However, it can also be drunk comfortably with fresh and light foods.

Royal Flush looking regal

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