REAL Sparkling Bottle Stopper

£10.00 inc VAT

Savour REAL that bit longer by sealing our cork-and-cage bottles with this elegant, Italian-designed Champagne stopper.

Keeps REAL sparkling fresh for up to three times as long as conventional stoppers.

Tried and tested, this stopper is unrivalled, with a special patented “air lung” design, meaning the bottle still pops after opening time and time again.

The perfect gift for the non-drinker who enjoys REAL in 750ml bottles. Comes in its own black velvet pouch.

Tested to 12 atmospheres.

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“Oozing quality and class, this provides everyone who doesn’t drink with a truly uncompromising experience” – Drinks With Dan, drinks reviewer

“This noteworthy fizz offers marvellous ceremony with ‭a wonderfully complex finish to boot, one to rival any champagne” – Alex Norwood-Hill, The Sober Sommelier

Winner of 5 stars in The Times non-alcoholic taste test 

“Real Kombucha… is  8,000% better than all other kombuchas on the market.” – Tomé Morrissy-Swan – The Independent

“We’ve long been huge fans of REAL, a proper grown-up kombucha that prides itself on the quality of the tea used and the complexity of flavour gleaned through fermentation rather than fruity mix-ins. It’s boss. As a former non-drinker, I can attest to the fact that their new Champagne-bottled booch ticks all the boxes! Delightful.” – Joey O’Hare, Head of Development, allplants

“Popping it open, I still got the giddy excitement I always get when opening a bottle of bubbly. With aromas of white flowers, peaches and rhubarb, it had a fabulous zippy acidity on the palate and was pleasantly fruity, with a dry, savoury edge and a lasting length that felt refreshing, rather than synthetic and sugary.” – Sophia Longhi, SkinAndPulp