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Royal Flush has fast become the non-alcoholic alternative to a champagne or Prosecco, served in pubs, bars, hotels and restaurants across the country. Perfect for those special occasions when an elderflower cordial or sparkling water just won’t cut it, Royal Flush brews to give rich notes of rhubarb and gooseberry, rounding out to white fruits maybe a touch of black currant.

At last, something sparkling and special to toast the bride and groom with. A reason to put away the orange juice and lemonade on Christmas morning and never speak of it again. Or just something exquisite in taste but low in calories and sugar with which to mark the end of the week.

Non-alcoholic celebrations never tasted this good.

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Winner of 5 stars in The Times non-alcoholic taste test. 

“As far as non-alcoholic drinks go, Real Kombucha is the Real Deal.” – Mark Hix, Chef and Restaurateur. 

“If you’re sick of ordering Diet Cokes or soda waters in the pub when you’re not drinking, Real Kombucha is the alternative. Not only is it delicious but you’re actually doing something that will benefit your health rather than destroy it… if I had the option I’d drink them every day – they were that delicious and refreshing.” – Miranda Larbi, Metro. 

“Slightly fizzy, fermented kombucha tea has gone mainstream, and Real Kombucha’s Royal Flush – this sour, fruity, rose and jasmine-perfumed edition – is the best.” – Jane MacQuitty, The Times. 

“Real Kombucha… is 8,000% better than all other kombuchas on the market.” – Tomé Morrissy-Swan, The Independent.

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Weight 6 kg


First flush Darjeeling tea, sugar, kombucha culture.

Nutritional Info
Per 100ml

Energy: kcal 15, kJ 61
Protein g 0
Carbohydrates g 3
Of which sugar g 3
Fat g 0

Serving Suggestions

Always chill well and pour gently into a wine or champagne glass, definitely no ice. Then sit back and sip slowly to get the best out of the delicate flavours.


Royal Flush brews to give rich notes of rhubarb and gooseberry, rounding out to white fruits maybe a touch of black currant. A delicate floral acidity with a relatively short finish makes Royal Flush fresh and bright. Ideal as a celebration drink in place of a champagne, serve in a white wine glass or champagne flute.


Royal Flush pairs well with white meats, white fish and umami-rich cream sauces. It also works well as an aperitif, with charcuterie, in place of sauterne with foie gras or dessert wines with pudding.


Big flavours can overpower the delicate subtleties of Royal Flush, so many mixologists we work with use it for a Kir or a Bellini.


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