REAL Kombucha Cocktails

Kombucha cocktails are the perfect no/low alternative for anyone choosing to drink a little less but still wanting that sense of sophistication and sensual delight at a special occasion. Whether it’s brunch with friends or a real tux and tiara event, we’ve got a great selection of non-alcoholic cocktail recipes for your to try.

Chinese Water Dragon

The Chinese Water Dragon is a non-alcoholic kombucha cocktail created by author and mixologist, Dan Whiteside, in conjunction with REAL Kombucha.

Breakfast Mar-Tea-Ni

A simple twist on a breakfast martini, this drink uses REAL Royal Flush, Everleaf Forest and an orange marmalade to really wake your senses up.

Sustained Melody

Sustained Melody is a non-alcoholic kombucha cocktail made with REAL Dry Dragon and Seedlip Spice 94. It’s a complex creation… but good things come to those who wait.

A kombucha cocktail: The Cranberry Queen

The Cranberry Queen is a Christmassy non-alcoholic cocktail made from cranberries, Mother Root and REAL Royal Flush. Deck the halls!

Non-Alcoholic Buck’s Fizz

Who says a non-alcoholic buck’s fizz is limited to fizzy water and orange juice? Try this wonderful combination of two of Britain’s best non-alcoholic drinks for a more decadent celebration serve.

REAL Everleaf Sour

The REAL Everleaf Sour was created and mixed by Paul Mathew, the founder of Everleaf – an extraordinary non-alcoholic aperitif. Think fluffy, citrusy clouds…

The REAL Mojito

The REAL Mojito is a non-alcoholic cocktail for a blazing hot day, made with the green, lush, refreshing vegetation of summer to the fore. Serve over lots of ice.

Cucumber Basil Martini

A classy non-alcoholic cocktail for those occasions when you want to dress up and wow. Citrusy and vegetal – an adult cocktail inviting non-drinkers back to the party.

Big Green

This non-alcoholic cocktail is all about those refreshing greens, perfect for a hot day at the height of summer. Created by Rob Simpson, Beverage Manager at The Clove Club Group.

Royal Bellini

A REAL regal kombucha cocktail, the Royal Bellini takes the velvety luxury of a homemade peach purée and combines it with the fermented delights of our Royal Flush.

Gardener’s Mistress

Our take on a kombucha cocktail classic, originally created at The Pig Hotel. This is a non-alcoholic cocktail that celebrates the rich verdancy of an English summer.

Emilie’s Ginger Dragon – Father’s Day Non Alcoholic Cocktail Recipe

11-year-old Emilie Begg created this delicious Father’s Day cocktail using ginger, fresh strawberries and a healthy dousing of REAL Dry Dragon. A kombucha cocktail with REAL bite.

Hana’s Summer Flush – Father’s Day Non Alcoholic Cocktail Recipe

A kombucha cocktail for Father’s Day, created by 11-year-old Hana Wilks. This is a summery mix of fresh strawberries and homemade elderflower cordial, mixed with REAL Royal Flush.