Real Kombucha Dry Dragon


Dry Dragon is brewed with Dragonwell pan-fried green tea from Zhejiang Province in China. Fresh leaves are wiped around a piping hot wok to stop the natural oxidation process early. Unlike Japanese green teas, steamed to give a distinct grassy flavour, Dragonwell reveals more complex nutty and straw-like flavours.


This kombucha ferments to give delicate citrus notes of grapefruit and sweet lemons, grounded in a definite vegetal, green tea back note and a longer, fuller-bodied, yeasty finish. On the tongue it tastes more acidic as we interpret those initial citric flavours.


A wonderful all-day drink, ideal for general refreshment and hydration, Dry Dragon is great with fresh summer salads and fresh fruits. It sits naturally alongside light, fresh Asian dishes. Serve ice-cold in a quality round tumbler to allow the fresh aromas to circulate before the first taste.


Dry Dragon is a great mixer for alcohol-free cocktails gagging for real complexity. The greater acidity means it cuts through other flavours such as limes, basil, mint and infusions. Our mixologist friends say it has quickly become an essential part of their toolkit.