At REAL Kombucha, we see kombucha as the perfect alcohol replacement. Spreading the good word is an ongoing journey, however. On this blog, you’ll see how our story started, where it has been, and where it is headed, as we attempt to help people change the way they drink.

They say that young Millennials are turning away from alcohol. We went to interview Sober Girl Society founder Millie Gooch to find out why.

Former Diageo brand ambassador, Tim Etherington-Judge, explains how his lowest point with alcohol led to the formation of an inspirational organisation.

Sober dating isn’t easy, but it’s a whole lot easier if you’re holding a drink that helps you to feel included. Here are our favourite sober dating spots.

As we spend more time with our customers, we find that certain questions around kombucha benefits frequently pop up. We recently looked at the amount of alcohol in kombucha, but we’re just as commonly asked about the amount of caffeine that kombucha contains. So we turned to REAL Kombucha founder, David Begg, to get a… Read more »

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Kombucha has become a popular option for non-drinkers largely because its fermented flavour offers a long, complex finish that is commonly associated with alcohol. Given that it is fermented, however, a common question arises: does kombucha contain alcohol?

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Our regular readers will know that we happily support all things in moderation, and that going alcohol-free for occasional periods (such as Dry January) can only be a good thing. Real Kombucha began when founder, David Begg, realised that cutting down on his own drinking highlighted a specific problem – a lack of choice for… Read more »

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We often hear in the media that a little bit of alcohol in our diet is good for heart health. That’s what the mediterranean diet is all about, right? But recent data suggests this is wrong, and that in actual fact any alcohol in our diet is bad for heart health. So what on earth… Read more »

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Global obesity is back in the news today, so it seems to us like a good time to take another look at the state of sugary drinks on the UK market.

As the resident teetotaller at Real Kombucha, I guess it should fall to me to offer tips and advice on how to abstain. However, I never really feel it’s my place to do that, so I’m not going to. Each person has their own reason for not drinking alcohol, and each of those reasons will… Read more »

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We have all heard, most probably during garbled conversations with our mates, that tea is great for our health. But why do some teas get more attention than others (I’m looking at you, green tea)? The green stuff always seems to get great press – everyone seems to have heard about its wellness capabilities.

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Like most of us today, my life is pretty frenetic. To add to a rapidly growing business, my wife and I have two wonderful but extremely active children, Alistair, 12, and Emilie, 9, and a dog called Rafa, that absorb a lot of our time. We also have a few acres of garden, and we… Read more »