Changing the way people drink

In 2016 three friends, David, Adrian and Jon, set out to change the way that people drink.

Constantly struggling to find interesting alternatives to alcohol, David was introduced to kombucha by an enlightened friend, straight out of the crock. It was love at first sip. With teetotal Jon and health-obsessed Adrian, they set forth to craft a kombucha that could compete with the finest of wines and most succulent craft beers, and knock the socks off any other soft drink.

From kitchen counter, to shed, to full scale brewery, they embarked on a 2-year mission, testing, tasting, researching, brewing, with lots of hiccups along the way. They were inspired by fermentation techniques and culture going back thousands of years. Their passion led them on an exploration of over a hundred teas from small tea gardens around the world. Experimenting with fermentation techniques from fine wines and craft beers, they honed the flavour and complexity until they finally had something worth sharing.

From small sheds great changes come…