About Real Kombucha

The meeting of four very different guys variously obsessed with food, flavour, health and tea, led to the creation of The Real Brewing Company. The four set out with a vision to create the best tasting kombucha on the planet. Let’s hope you agree.

The Foodie

“I was introduced to kombucha by my health, food and well-being-obsessed friend and yoga guru, Howard Napper. On first sip of his home brew I was hooked. Our family is passionate about food and drink, including great beer and wine, but recently I have found alcohol has slowed me down. Kombucha was immediately what I wanted to drink in the pub or with a meal at home.”

“Armed with a scoby from Howard and a rucksack full of fine teas picked up on a recent family trip to India, I began to experiment. I was amazed by the breadth and complexity of flavours you could produce with nothing but tea. These lucky first brews led to an obsessive two-year experimentation in flavour.”

However, it was meeting Adrian that raised this experimentation to a new level…

The Doc

“With a PhD in nutrition, physiology and metabolism, I have spent most of my life studying food and its effect on the human body. I have helped many elite athletes improve their performance, but just as many people who simply want to look and feel their best.”

“I came to the science of tea trying to understand where all the good stuff goes in our body, and what benefits it can give us. It’s fascinating: a plant that you can dry, roll and store, but when boiled with water can have benefits on weight loss, sleep, digestion, mood, and our immune system.”

Add one addict (to food) and one obsessive scientist…

But there was a missing link. The team knew virtually nothing about the sourcing of our main ingredient: tea.

The Master

“When I left university I was working in farming and my peers were going out and getting jobs in finance and business. That could’ve been my life, too, until I chanced upon an advert for a position as an apprentice tea taster. Not knowing what that was, but appreciating that it sounded far more adventurous than farming, I applied and, to my surprise, got the job.”

“Scroll forward a couple of decades and I guess you could say I’ve spent most of my life in tea. I have been lucky enough to have tasted hundreds of thousands of teas, which I have distilled into my book, The World Tea Encyclopaedia. My interest in kombucha is the result of a natural inquisitiveness (you don’t jump from farming to tea tasting without having that) and a genuine interest in how the tea trade is developing. Tea is my past, my present and my future. I guess you could say I’m tea-total!”

Will was like fuel to the fire – the dealer extraordinaire. One fantastic tea after another fed into the brewing machine, feeding the flames of obsession.

But no modern startup is complete without a digitally-minded marketing beardie, and adding Jon to the mix got us looking at this in a different way…

The Beardie

“It didn’t take much to get me hooked on kombucha. As someone who spent years living with and writing about the Slow Living Movement in Japan, I was already very interested in the benefits of macrobiotics and probiotics. Japan is very into fermenting things, so we often have food stuffs fermenting in our house.”

“As the only completely teetotal member of the team, I was also keen on the alternative drinking aspect. I love the fact that kombucha offers something refreshing and sophisticated that you can drink in a bar – no more having to rot your gut with non-alcoholic pish and sugary drinks. And there’s a real homegrown family aspect to it, as well. I love brewing kombucha with my kids. The fact that there appears to be something alien growing in a jar in the kitchen appeals to all of us!”

Together the Real Brewing Company team have spent almost 2 years perfecting their brewing process and testing close to 100 different teas in order to develop what they think is the best tasting kombucha that you can buy anywhere – period. They hope you enjoy their first three brews: Smoke House, Royal Flush and Dry Dragon – but watch this space for many more Real Kombucha’s to come.

Read more about David, and see his blog posts here. For Adrian’s info, click here, and head here to read more about (and from) Jon.