Pairing exquisite non-alcoholic drinks with the finest food

One of the biggest hurdles that a non-drinker faces is choice. Non-alcoholic drinks have long been limited to sugary, unsophisticated offerings – so much so that they often say they feel overlooked. Real Kombucha is brewed with that at the forefront of our minds. We...

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Kombucha Bars and Restaurants for a Summer’s Evening

Featured in this article...  Le Pont de la Tour Market Halls Union Tavern CloudM The Duke of Richmond Whapping Wharf, Bristol WokyKo, Bristol Canal House, Birmingham The Smuggler's Cove, Liverpool 1863 Bistro, Ullswater The Salt Room, Brighton Hix Oyster House, Lyme...

FLAG DOWN THE REAL KOMBUCHA BOOCH BUS THIS SUMMER: Henley Festival, 10-14 July | Pub in the Park Chiswick 6-8 Sept | Bermondsey Street Festival – 14 Sept | Ludlow Food Festival, 13-15 Sept | Abergavenny Food Festival, 20-22 September

Brewed from Dragonwell, a pan-roasted green tea from the area around Longjing Village in Zhejiang, China. Dragonwell makes a kombucha that is light and fruity with notes of grapefruit and lemon, with the clearly detectable undertone of green tea.

12 x bottles
£29.99 inc shipping

Brewed from First Flush Darjeeling, known in India as Queen of Teas. Picked by hand as the first tips emerge in spring, the tea is richly fragrant and creates a kombucha fresh with notes of rhubarb, white peach, almond and a subtle astringency.

12 x bottles
£29.99 inc shipping

Real Kombucha’s Smoke House is brewed from a high-grown black tea from the southwestern districts of the Yunnan province in Southern China. A delicious brew with a warm, golden colour and a rich, smokey flavour that reveals apple and caramel undertones.

12 x bottles
£29.99 inc shipping

Non-alcoholic fermentation at its finest

Inspired by techniques going back over millennia, blended with processes from fine wines and craft beers, at Real Kombucha we really know our fermentation. Our unique brewing process builds on the delicacy of our teas with complex floral and fruity flavours, astringency and subtle acidity more commonly seen in the most carefully crafted alcoholic brews.

A quest to discover the Truly Exquisite

Real Kombucha is brewed from hand-picked, loose-leaf fine teas carefully selected from small gardens around the world. Working closely with our very own tea expert, we have experimented with over 150 teas to develop our three individual brews. Focused on complexity of flavour, our drinks have an ability, unique amongst non-alcoholic drinks, to pair with a wide variety of different foods.

Real Kombucha is now served at many of the UK’s top restaurants, bars, hotels and pubs, including the following locations

Isaac McHale

Mark Hix

Tom Kerridge

Michel Roux Jr

Sat Bains

Kamil Oseka

Raymond Blanc

Alan Yau

Nathan Outlaw

NO. 6
Paul Ainsworth

Luke Tipping

Tom Sellers

Heston Blumenthal

Simon Rogan

Peter Sanchez-Iglesias

Adam Handling