Our 5 Favourite Non-Alcoholic Halloween Party Drinks That Are Scary Delicious

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Our 5 Favourite Non-Alcoholic Halloween Party Drinks That Are Scary Delicious

Halloween originates from the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, when people would light bonfires to ward off ghosts. Nowadays the 31 October marks trick or treating and fancy dress parties all over the world.. With countless events on the horizon, we’ve got you covered when it comes to alcohol alternatives to serve at your fright night.

We’re creepin’ it REAL with this list of scarily delicious, non-alcoholic drinks that would be a welcome guest to your Halloween party.

Why not skip the boo(ze) this spooky season and bring all of your non-drinkers back to your celebration? With the addition of these alcohol-free cocktails to your serving list, you’ll be sure to have fangtastic time this October. 

Eat, drink and be scary this Halloween!

The Cranberry Queen

First, we have our Cranberry Queen. Perfect alongside a gruesome spread, this drink’s colour will definitely match the theme of most Halloween celebrations.

For this spook-ta-cular serve, you will need, 10ml Mother Root Ginger Switchel, 10ml of pressed, unsweetened cranberry Juice, 100ml of REAL Royal Flush and a couple of fresh cranberries for garnish.

Simply, chill down both your Kombucha and glasses, as you find the flavours more forthcoming when everything is colder. For the 10ml of the Mother Root Ginger Switchel, measure it carefully into your glass and then add the 10ml of the pressed cranberry juice, stirring gently after. Add around 100ml of our amazing REAL Royal Flush which will top up the rest of your glass nicely. Finalise this serve by garnishing it with a few fresh cranberries.

Cucumber Basil Martini

Celebrate the witching hour with this classy cocktail, quintessential for that Halloween party where you’ve planned on dressing up and wowing your guests with your mixing game.

This serve combines the treats of an alcoholic cocktail without the trick of the hangover. To indulge in this martini, you can put the gin or vodka away and swap it out for 150ml of our REAL Dry Dragon. To continue making this bewitching serve, you will also need a quarter of a large peeled cucumber, a handful of basil leaves, 20ml of apple juice, 10ml of agave syrup and of course, the juice from a lime wedge.

With all these ingredients in hand, start by muddling your cucumber and mixing in some of your basil leaves. To this mixture, add your apple juice and syrup in a cocktail shaker, top with ice and shake. Continue to strain and pour into a chilled Martini glass. Top up with our REAL Dry Dragon and squeeze fresh lime juice in, stir gently as you go. For the final step, garnish your drink with leftover basil leaves.

Ensure that everyone at your party is having skele-fun with this simple, yet magical cocktail.

Sustained Melody

Trick or treat yourself with this slightly more complex serve this Halloween.

The Sustained Melody serve takes a few more steps to make than your average non-alcoholic concoction, but great things come to those who wait.

You will need: Tonka bean droplets, saline solution, REAL Dry Dragon (of course), 40ml of seedlip spice and 30ml of Three Citrus Sherbet.

When it comes to making the Three Citrus Sherbert, you will also require, pink grapefruit peel, lemon peel, 300g of sugar, 150ml of pink grapefruit juice, 250ml lemon juice, 200ml lime juice, honey and 100ml of water.

Whilst there are a lot of ingredients that go into this scarily delicious serve, you won’t be scared away with how many steps it takes to make. Simply, heat the Three Citrus Sherbet ingredients gently until they are dissolved. Then, leave to cool and allow it to rest for 4 hours before straining it. Finally, build the drink around ice in a wine glass and stir to blend the mixture.

Sustained Melody non alcoholic cocktail serving suggestion