3 Drinks To Enjoy During Celebrations If You’re A Non Drinker

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3 Drinks To Enjoy During Celebrations If You’re A Non Drinker

With the colder weather rolling in and the festive season just around the corner, we would be lying if we said our events calendar wasn’t getting booked up.

As you probably already know, here at REAL Kombucha, we have been non-alcoholic pioneers for several years, promoting that hangover-free, healthy lifestyle and when it comes to celebration drinks, it’s no different.

Whether you are partying the night away, getting married this Autumn or planning a birthday bash, we’ve got a non-alcoholic serve that will be the perfect guest. With this list of hangover-free beverages this event season, we’ve got you suited, booted and sparkling.

A Non-Drinkers Best Brunch Friend

With everybody making their way back to their normal lives, brunch has also made its return! Whilst breakfast at midday sounds like the perfect way to end (or start…) the week, sipping on a non-alcohol beverage gives you the clear-headed freedom to revelright through to your evening plans.

Gone are the days of only having water, tea or coffee as options on your brunch spread for all our non-drinkers out there, we recommend having a tipple of our Breakfast Mar-Tea-Ni.

Breakfast Mar-Tea-Ni non-alcoholic cocktail serving suggestion

Refreshing is the best way to describe this elevated serve, with it’s bursts of orange and lemon juice. Topped with a touch of sweetness from maple syrup and balanced with the freshness of REAL Royal Flush Kombucha, this ​​drink is a super simple non alcoholic twist on the classic breakfast martini.

We believe that our serves always have a food soulmate and in the case of our Breakfast Mar-Tea-Ni, garnish with dried edible tea leaves and serve alongside sourdough toast slathered in marmalade.

Celebration Drinks? We’re Your Main Squeeze

If you are looking for an alcohol-free drink for a very special evening, which will not only let non-drinkers rejoin the party but also a cocktail you can serve with pride, look no further.

Prepared in a chilled wine glass, our REAL Everleaf Sour is the epitome of a deliciously good time. Get pulled into this citrusy serve by the sour and fresh notes which highlights the dry, spritz of REAL Dry Dragon and , garnish with a sprig of fresh mint and a twist of lemon to elevate the flavour even further.

Also, calling all vegans back to the dance floor. This serve can also be made 100% vegan-friendly by swapping out the egg white for aquafaba, which will still give it that thick, tasty texture.

As for a food pairing, the cirtusy and mineral flavours of this cocktail will leap out when paired with sushi or ceviche..

Wow your guests with this fresh, dry drink! With a complex finish and the added texture from the egg white (or the aquafaba, of course) this cocktail will be sure to impress your party.

The Alcohol-Free Drink Worthy of a Wedding

Add a bit of fizzy to your busy party, with this simple serve. If you think that non-alcoholic Bucks Fizz is just fizzy orange juice, try our citrus version for a twist..

With another guest appearance from our REAL Dry Dragon, our premium kombucha elevates this effortless cocktail, making it more decadent and of course, non-drinker friendly.

Mirroring something similar to a Sauvignon Blanc (but of course, without the hangover), this bubbly beverage adds a touch of refreshing notes to a serve and can be enjoyed at any time of day.

What shall I pair it with foodwise? Oh, we’re so glad you asked! REAL Dry Dragon is perfectly paired alongside a shellfish dish such as oysters or with fresh, green vegetables, risotto or crunchy  seasonal salads.

If you’re hosting an Autumn wedding, birthday or even celebrating a holiday, offering a few glasses of our Citrus Buck’s Fizz to your menu will be a welcome and simple addition.

Non-alcoholic buck's fizz a bit decadent