What is the best non-alcoholic alternative to sparkling wine?

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What is the best non-alcoholic alternative to sparkling wine?

Graduations, weddings, birthdays; during many of life’s celebrations, chances are high that a bottle of Prosecco or sparkling wine gets popped open. When you’re a non-drinker this can be difficult, as a glass of water or cola simply doesn’t cut it. But what if we told you that there are non-alcoholic alternatives to sparkling wine that will do wonders for your celebratory mood? It’s time to try our sophisticated non-alcoholic sparkling wine…


Which is the best non-alcoholic sparkling wine?

It almost sounds too good to be true: a sparkling wine with a similar delicious taste, but without the alcohol. It’s the dream of most non-drinkers, but a difficult one to come by. We believe we have the answer you’re looking for in the form of Royal Flush – a truly sophisticated celebration serve. Brewed from First Flush Darjeeling, known in India as the Queen of Teas, this non-alcoholic drink is fresh, floral and uncompromising on flavour.

Non-alcoholic alternatives are a must-have at any wedding, company party or non-alcoholic brunch as you want to make sure that everybody is comfortable with what they’re drinking. But let’s be honest, if you choose not to drink because you’re aiming for a healthy, balanced lifestyle, you’ll surely want to avoid the usual sweet and sticky soft drinks. So pour yourself a beautiful glass of Royal Flush – a non-alcoholic alternative to sparkling wine that puts a healthy spin on the taste, look and mouthfeel of a fruity Prosecco, making it the perfect drink for those big occasions.

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How is non-alcoholic wine made?

Something you’re probably wondering, and a question we have been asked on many occasions: how is it possible that Royal Flush tastes so similar to sparkling wine? How is it made?

In your quest to find an alternative to sparkling wine, you’ve probably realised how difficult it can be difficult to find a non-alcoholic drink that ticks all the right boxes. Some non-alcoholic wines lack flavour and use large amounts of sugar to replace the body they lose through alcohol removal. If you’re focused on eating and drinking more healthily, this is obviously not ideal. By fermenting with exquisite ingredients and using natural fermentation techniques, we’ve found that wonderful flavours, mouthfeel and finish can be achieved while keeping sugar levels low.

With no added flavours or additives, Royal Flush presents with delicate notes of rhubarb, white peach and a touch of blackcurrant. A perfect non-alcoholic addition to compliment any celebration drinks menu.

Serving suggestions with non-alcoholic wine

Because of the low levels of sugar and that irresistible bite of acidity, Royal Flush can be served with great meals, working particularly well alongside anything you might pair with a white wine. Serve it with white fish, white meat, and cream sauces. As a non-alcoholic wine alternative, those delicate umami notes will resonate with most dishes that cry out for a non-sweetened pairing. As an example, Royal Flush is perfect when paired with charcuterie, the acidity cutting through the fat to give an extraordinary culinary experience.

Whether you’re having a sit-down meal or mingling at a soiree, it’s the ideal non-alcoholic beverage to enjoy during a celebration. When serving Royal Flush in a Champagne flute, we bet most people won’t even notice you’re not drinking alcoholic wine.

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A healthy alternative to wine

If you’re not drooling yet over the thought of a glass of this fresh non-alcoholic sparkling wine alternative, then this might be the clincher. Besides it being a delicious alternative to wine, it’s also a lot lighter on the waistline. This exquisite drink is low in calories, low in sugar and is vegan friendly, which makes it the absolute perfect drink for any wine lovers that may be counting the calories. Whatever the occasion, we think this is a non-alcoholic drink worth celebrating.