The David Begg Interview: Founding REAL and creating sparkling wine alternatives for non-drinkers

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The David Begg Interview: Founding REAL and creating sparkling wine alternatives for non-drinkers

Ever wondered how a business starts, how an entrepreneur spots an idea and builds the right team to knock it into reality? In the 20th episode of The REAL Podcast, David Begg – founder of REAL – talks to co-founder, Jon Wilks, about the journey that has brought us to the new branding and the incredible new cork-and-cage, 750ml bottles. It’s a watershed moment for non-alcoholic drinkers.

In this episode, David discusses his own background as a successful entrepreneur and how a series of serendipitous moments led to the formation of this incredible brand. Co-founder, Jon Wilks, recalls the moment that David plonked a bottle of kombucha down in front of him and prompted him to get on the train, and the two discuss the eureka moment when the team realised that a lack of additional flavourings held the key.


Having launched a quality alternative to sparkling wine, David also answers the perplexing question: why are non-alcoholic wines so difficult to brew well? Furthermore, he explores why alternative ingredients may be the answer, and why this amazing new sober curious era is the right time to make some pretty avant garde decisions.

Finally, David explains how the new branding came about – the reasons for the various elements included, from the Chinese chop stamps right through to the varying messages that you’ll find on the labels.

Whether you’re already a fan, or you’re new to the brand, this one’s for you. Join us for a REAL celebration.

Who is David Begg, REAL founder?

REAL was founded when David Begg had all but given up drinking. He was frustrated by the limited choice for non-drinkers and noticed they were not catered for in any serious, sophisticated manner. A friend served him a glass of his home brew kombucha with a fantastic meal and he was utterly hooked.

He started a passionate experimentation with different teas, and different processes in order to develop the finest kombucha that he could brew. Within two years the company has become one of the pioneers of the sober movement and is working to change attitudes towards alcohol in addition to becoming a leading authority on brewing and fermentation.

David Begg studied engineering at university. He was part of the founding team at what became, founded the high-end furniture brand Tom Dixon, the education tech company Magic Town before finding his spiritual home in REAL.