Chefs’ Manifesto: Chantelle Nicholson and Sustainability on the Real Podcast

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Chefs’ Manifesto: Chantelle Nicholson and Sustainability on the Real Podcast

Welcome to the seventh in our Real Podcast series, brought to you by Real Kombucha. This week we’ve been for a fascinating chat with Tredwells very own Chantelle Nicholson.

Not drinkingAt Real Kombucha, we pride ourselves on changing the way people drink, but as our journey unfurls we find we’re meeting increasingly influential people who have changed the way people eat. So, this month, we thought we’d grab some time with people in the restaurant industry who’ve really become what you might call a force for good. Call it our Sustainable September celebration, if you will (has anyone done #SustainableSeptember yet? Isn’t it about time?!)

Very few people in the restaurant industry fit that description as well as Chantelle Nicholson. Known for many things, including her close work alongside Marcus Wareing, her chef-patronage of the aforementioned Tredwells in Central London, her authorship of Plantedand her work at the heart of Chef’s Manifesto, it’s hard to think of anyone more readily associated with sustainable, conscious cooking.

So, on a beautiful late summer’s afternoon, we met up with Chantelle amidst the hustle and bustle of Covent Garden to find out how it all began… and where it might be going. Hidden away from the glare of the unrelenting sun, we discussed Chantelle’s childhood experiences of farm-to-table cooking in her native New Zealand, the pros and cons of trying to run a sustainable food business in Central London, her admiration for “political” chefs, such as Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and Jamie Oliver, her use of kombucha in vegan cooking, and her tips on which young chefs to look out for as the world delves further into conscious cooking.

That’s quite a lot to get through in a mere half-an-hour, so, without further ado, get yourself comfy and click below to listen to our podcast with sustainable chef extraordinaire, Chantelle Nicholson.

Chefs’ Manifesto: Chantelle Nicholson on the Real Podcast