Remembering Matt Campbell

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Remembering Matt Campbell

A brief but heartfelt word on the tragic passing of Matt Campbell, whose loss we are feeling especially keenly today here at our brewery. 

We met Matt in autumn last year when his passion and love for kombucha led him to getting in touch with us. He subsequently came and spent a day with us at our brewery, where we geeked out over ferments and the mighty booch, and we made crazy, hair-brained plans to work together on a variety of projects.

We meet quite a few passionate people in our line of work. The difference between Matt and most of those people was that he got things done. By god, did he ever get things done! What enthusiasm! What drive! If we could have just a spoonful of what he had, we’d be well away.

The loss of anyone at such a young age is always an absolute tragedy, but it feels especially harsh when such a bright light goes out. Matt Campbell was a chap with a huge amount of very large dreams, and he seemed to be acting on them and making them happen very quickly indeed. We certainly talked at great length about the things we might be able to achieve together over the coming years, and all we can say now is that we hope we might be able to do some of those things in a way that he’d have approved of. We think we’ll manage it; he was always cheering us on and dishing out healthy dollops of enthusiasm. The difficulty will be in doing them without him.

While Matt Campbell wasn’t an official member of the Real Kombucha team, we certainly felt like he was an honorary one. Our thoughts go out to his brother, Josh, and the rest of his family. We’ll miss him terribly, and we’re so glad that we had the chance to know him and work with before he went.

RIP Matt.

Matt Campbell passed away doing something that we feel was very Matt Campbell-ish: helping and supporting others. His Just Giving page is still active. Please consider donating to the Brathay Trust in his memory. You can read our interview with him here