What people are saying about Real Kombucha

On this page you’ll find a selection of the compliments and kind words we’ve received from the press, as well as from the general public. If you’d like to keep up with us on a day-to-day basis, you can find us in all the usual places: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

"If you’re sick of ordering Diet Cokes or soda waters in the pub when you’re not drinking, Real Kombucha is the alternative. Not only is it delicious but you’re actually doing something that will benefit your health rather than destroy it… if I had the option I’d drink them every day – they were that delicious and refreshing."

Miranda Larbi  -  Metro

"Leading the non-alcoholic revolution is Real Kombucha."

 -  BBC South

"Kombucha, like kefir, kimchi and other fermented thing beginning with ‘k’, has been declared a miracle product. Fermented tea, it is often sweetened and flavoured with fruit, but Real Kombucha’s Royal Flush has been left in its pure state. And it’s all the better for it. The slightly vinegary nose gives way to a lovely, deep flavour with a dry spicy undertone. A grown-up soft drink."

Harry Wallop  -  The Times

"Kombucha, the textural, fermented hooch beloved of Asians, Americans and Russians, looks likely to make the jump to viable booze alternative given its addictive savoury flavour. The people behind Real Kombucha, which has just been stocked by Heston Blumenthal’s Fat Duck, say: “The drink has begun to shake off its hipster or New Age connotations. And once you realise many of the things you consume daily are fermented – wine, beer, yogurt – it doesn’t seem so unusual."

Suze Olbrich  -  The Guardian

"Slightly fizzy, fermented kombucha tea has gone mainstream, and Real Kombucha’s Royal Flush – this sour, fruity, rose and jasmine-perfumed edition – is the best."

Jane MacQuitty  -  The Times

"Kombucha might conjure up visions of hipsters in colourful leggings, but Real Kombucha has been brewed specifically as an alternative to alcohol. So good, you’ll find it on the menu at Heston Blumenthal’s The Fat Duck."

 -  Stylist Magazine

"Need an amazing non-alcoholic alternative this season? Enter Real Kombucha."

 -  Gay Times

"CitizenM is the embodiment of affordable luxury; a lifestyle hotel for today’s smart traveller. We focus on what this niche target market wants from a hotel stay, and this extends to sourcing a range of F&B that our ever-more discerning guests demand. There is a natural affinity between Real Kombucha and CitizenM and we’re very excited to be stocking the range in our London hotels. We were impressed with Real Kombucha’s commitment to quality and innovation and we look forward to giving our guests a great ‘Booch’ when they come to stay with us."

Marc Fink, Manager, CitizenM Hotels  -  CitizenM

"At our hotels and restaurants we are always on the lookout for well-crafted British products to introduce our guests to. Real Kombucha was a great find and we now stock it in bars and in room larders across all of our hotels. It’s great served as a refreshing drink, but also the perfect non-alcoholic drink to serve with food. Unlike most soft drinks, it is not sweet at all, has complex flavours and – of course – is really healthy. It’s been a great addition to our lists for those not wishing to consume alcohol."

Robin Hutson, Chairman and CEO, LimeWood and The Pig hotels  -  The Pig