Real Kombucha flavours

Real Kombucha Flavours

Real Kombucha's Dry Dragon is Brewed from Dragonwell, a pan-roasted green tea from the protected area around Longjing Village in Zhejiang, China. Dragonwell makes a kombucha that is light and fruity with the clearly detectable undertone of green tea. As easy to drink for breakfast as at any other time of the day.

Real Kombucha’s Smoke House is brewed from a high grown black tea from the south western districts of Yunnan in Southern China. A brew with a warm golden colour and a rich, smokey flavour covering apple and caramel undertones. On first sip, most would believe that Smoke House is a cider, albeit with a more delicate, smokey twist.

Real Kombucha's Royal Flush is brewed from fragrant first flush darjeeling teas, picked by hand as the first tips of the plant begin to emerge in the spring. The city of Darjeeling itself is known locally as Queen of the Hills and first flush darjeelings as the Queen of Teas. The tea is richly fragrant and creates a Kombucha that is fresh and floral with notes of rose, vanilla and quince but with subtle astringent undertones.