The best non-alcoholic drinks in Britain?

Do we claim to make the best non-alcoholic drinks in Britain? It’s not really our style, to be honest. We prefer to let others do the talking for us. Besides which, we are huge fans and supporters of many of our friends and co-brewers. If you’ve not tried Lucky Saint non-alcoholic lager, or what the guys at Feragaia and Everleaf are doing, you’re in for a real treat. (Take a listen to our podcast on non-alcoholic drinks for further exploration.)

However, we are delighted that people are recognising that REAL as a drink that can take pride of place on any non-alcoholic shelf.

If you’ve not tried it, you might want to order a few bottles today.

Non-alcoholic drinks in restaurants

At the time of writing, over 50 Michelin-starred restaurants are serving REAL on their non-alcoholic drinks menus. They say we’ve created something that they have been missing. Think about it: if you’re eating a top-drawer meal but you’re not drinking, what would you pair it with? Soft drinks are too sweet and water doesn’t exactly inspire your evening.

REAL offers non-drinkers a complex, exquisite taste that pairs wonderfully with good food. We have a range of drinks that suit a variety of drinking occasions. Our Dry Dragon is like our Sauvignon Blanc, pairing perfectly with light summer salads, fish and Asian dishes. Our Royal Flush is our big celebratory drink – a serve that really invites non-drinkers back to the party.

Non-alcoholic drinks in bars and pubs

Again, at the time of writing our non-alcoholic drinks were being served in an ever-increasing number of pubs and restaurants up and down the country. In the South West, you’ll find us in most of the Laine Pub Group, and more nationally we’re stocked across the Fullers group.

Whether you’re pregnant, a designated driver or you’re one of the growing number of people who associate themselves with the Sober Curious Movement, having an adult option – low in sugar, high in sophistication, definitely not served with a straw – is a really important part of your night out. We’ve recognised that from the very start, and we’re delighted that many of our partners are starting to think in the same way.

Non-alcoholic drinks to buy online 

If you’re keen to try REAL as the perfect non-alcoholic drinks option, however, we ship straight to your door. Let us know what you think. You’ll find us on InstagramFacebook and Twitter.

What others are saying about us

In July 2020, we were awarded not one but two Imbibe Awards, a huge accolade in the drinks industry. Our Royal Flush was awarded Best No & Low Wine or Wine Alternative, a blind taste test (joint-awarded with Nine Elms No.18), and, amazingly, the Sommeliers’ Choice No & Low Award.

In presenting these awards, Imbibe said

“De-alcoholised wines lost out in this category to wine alternatives, which were declared by the judges generally to be ‘where the excitement is’. This part of the category was deemed so good that two winners were declared… Royal Flush was given the Sommelier’s Choice No & Low Award for being a drink with integrity and substance. ‘You can see the makers didn’t take any shortcuts and had a clear sense of wanting to make a drink that was an alternative to wine.’”

Here are a few other comments we have garnered along the way.

“A quality drink. We serve it at Le Gavroche because it is unique in style and is very versatile, either with or without food. Royal Flush is clean, complex and has great length. It can both highlight the freshness of the dish and bring a little subtlety.” – Rémi CousinHead SommelierLe Gavroche

REAL Kombucha have set the bar high for alcohol-free drinks that fit into the wine occasion. Move over grapes – tea is where it is at!” – Laura Willoughby MBECo-founder, Club Soda

“Bright and sharp, it has some beautiful notes of rhubarb, white peach and more tropical notes, with a balanced acidity. It’s beautiful in a champagne glass by itself, or mixed in a Champagne cocktail.” – Camille Vidal, Founder, La Maison Wellness

“The complexity created by the production method means this is the perfect substitute for wine alongside food. Royal Flush has depth and layers of flavour you would not get from other NA options.” – Max Venning, Co-Owner, Three Sheets