Looking for Real Kombucha? We’re adding new restaurants, bars, hotels and partners everyday, so bookmark this map and keep an eye on it. The ‘Kombucha UK’ scene is growing rapidly, and Real Kombucha is the only brewhouse creating naturalkombucha that is so good that it doesn’t need flavouring.

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Kombucha bars are burgeoning across the country. In this article, we pick some of our favourite spots, each ideal for a summer’s evening in its own way.

We’re whipping through the year at what seems like a crazy rate. So let’s slow down a little, grab a chair somewhere nice and savour the flavours of an exquisitely brewed kombucha. Not sure where to start? We’ve got a few recommendations for you…  Kombucha bars, pubs and restaurants – the best of April Whole… Read more »

Spring is upon us and the booch is tasting amazing. It’s been a while since we did our last roundup of kombucha bars, and since then there’s been a booch explosion across the country. You’ll find Real Kombucha all over the place, so where to begin?! To answer that question, we thought we’d start a… Read more »

Ever tried a night off the alcohol? If a good drink is part of your typical evening out, it’s not easy. Whether you’re a designated driver, pregnant, taking on a sober month or simply having a night off, the choices you’re left with are usually packed full of sugar or served with a straw. We’re… Read more »

As London Cocktail Week comes into focus, kombucha cocktails are really grabbing the attention. Mixologists all over the country are starting to realise just how well the acidity in this amazing fermented drink binds their flavours together, whether they’re making something more traditionally punchy, a low ABV cocktail, or even something to serve the growing… Read more »

It’s wonderful to be able to announce that Real Kombucha is now available in some of the best restaurants, bars and hotels in Brighton. We’ve been keen to find a way into the legendary seaside resort for some time, and – to be honest – we had assumed that somebody else may well have booched… Read more »

When we set out to create Real Kombucha, we were driven by a passion to create a fantastic tasting, complex soft drink that worked just as well served with food as it did to quench your thirst down the pub on a Friday night. So, while we were pretty amazed when our humble little brew… Read more »