Real Kombucha hits the Pub

One of the most challenging things about changing the way you drink is the lack of choice. Think about it. If you’re not drinking alcohol, you’re served a sugary soft drink served with a straw – not exactly the most inspiring option on a great night out. What you actually crave is something adult, something complex and something sophisticated. Something that feels inclusive.

Real Kombucha is the choice for the UK’s non-drinking community. Our Royal Flush kombucha is a wonderful occasion drink that pours like a Prosecco, while our Smoke House is like a dry cider. For a lighter, all-day drink with a bit of a kick, our Dry Dragon ticks the boxes.

The great news is that these are now being served in pubs across the UK. You’ll find some of these amazing places by scrolling below. We’re adding more all the time, so check back daily.

Real Kombucha in Pubs: Where to Find Us