Kombucha cocktails: recipes that work a treat with Real Kombucha

There’s a growing trend around kombucha cocktails, and we’re not surprised. Whether you’re making them with or without alcohol (we tend to favour alcohol-free kombucha cocktails, but each to their own), the sophisticated notes and flavours that come out of this wonderful fermented tea drink make for really interesting mixology. 

Since we work with some of the country’s best-loved hotels, bars and restaurants, we get the chance to put their mixologists to the test occasionally and see what kind of kombucha cocktails they can come up with. Every time we taste something new and special, we’ll be adding the recipe to this page. Try them out for yourselves and Instagram your results (you’ll find us here). Alternatively, head down to the place that invented them and taste them at their best, right from the source.

Dry Dragon Mojito 

This kombucha cocktail was first mixed by Yann at the Pig Hotel near Bath. It’s a great-tasting drink, full of lush, green vegetation. Really refreshing and perfect for a sunny day.

You will need… 

1 fresh lime
Fresh mint
Real Kombucha Dry Dragon
Crushed ice


Segment half a fresh lime, add it to a tall tumbler and squidge it thoroughly to get all of the juice out. Add a splash of sugar syrup. Take a handful of fresh mint and slap it until the aromas begin eeking out. Add the slapped leaves to your tumbler. Half fill with Real Kombucha’s Dry Dragon and stir through with your crushed ice. Garnish with the remainder of your fresh lime. One of the best kombucha cocktails out there.

The Gardener’s Mistress

Another of Yann’s inventions, and a great reason to head on down to The Pig Hotel near Bath. It’s all about the black pepper and the ginger, giving it a smooth texture with a real kick in the tail. As delicious on a wintery evening as it is when the weather is warm.

You will need…

2 slices of fresh ginger
20ml of basil syrup
Crushed ice
Real Kombucha Smoke House
Ground black pepper


Take a slice of fresh ginger, remove the edges and slice it down into slithers. Drop it into a tall tumbler and add the basil syrup. Crush the two together until you have a juicy pulp, then add about half a bottle of Real Kombucha Smoke House. Fill the remainder of the glass with crushed ice, topping it all off with a little more of the Smoke House. Garnish with the other slice of ginger and sprinkle some black pepper across the top. As kombucha cocktails go, it doesn’t get much more luxurious than this.

The Non Collins

The third of Yann’s great kombucha cocktails, the Non Collins takes the classic Tom Collins cocktail and flips it on its head, using a combination of Real Kombucha Royal Flush and Seedlip Garden 108 to create something modern and classy. Try it at The Pig Hotel near Bath to taste it in all its glory.

You will need…

25ml Seedlip Garden 108
Real Kombucha Royal Flush
25ml fresh lemon juice
20ml sugar syrup
Cubed ice


Start with 25ml of Seedlip Garden 108, add 25ml of fresh lemon juice and 20ml of sugar syrup (the amount can vary depending on how sweet you like your Non Collins). Add some cubed ice to your glass and fill to the top – slowly but surely – with Real Kombucha’s Royal Flush. Mix to taste.

Mucha Kombucha

One of the most lush looking kombucha cocktails we’ve ever tried, this amazing creature is from the bar staff at Joe’s Southern Table and Bar in London’s Covent Garden. The berries hint at late autumn, early winter, but it delights the tastebuds any day of the year.

You will need… 

Orange juice
Real Kombucha Royal Flush
Sugar syrup


This punchy blend of orange juice, muddled blackberries and sugar syrup needs to be shaken in true cocktail style and then topped with Royal Flush. Serve it tall over ice, or head to Joe’s Southern Table and Bar and have someone serve it for you.

The G & TEA

Kombucha cocktails are going down a storm in Liverpool, and the G & TEA – served at One Fine Day – is no exception.

You will need… 

25ml Seedlip Spice 94
100ml Real Kombucha Royal Flush
4 drops Violet Droplets


For perfection, put this kombucha cocktail together in a flute glass. Add the Royal Flush to the Seedlip and gently mix in the Violet Droplets. Garnish the drink with a viola flower.

The Royal Flush Cup

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“So good you’ll wish you were the designated driver” – so say the folks at NT’s Bar, who came up with one of our favourite kombucha cocktails. Note to any would-be mixologists here: you’re going to need to head over to NT’s for one of these ingredients – it’s about as exclusive as it gets.

You will need… 

Real Kombucha Royal Flush
House-made salted coriander syrup
Fresh pink grapefruit juice
Crushed juniper berries


Have you spotted the hard-to-procure ingredient? Yep, that house-made salted coriander syrup is a large part of what makes this the most idiosyncratic of kombucha cocktails. For more information on how to make your own, we recommend following the Instagram account above and pleading for the recipe. Let us know how you get on!

If you’re experimenting with kombucha cocktails and you’d like us to add yours to this page, get in touch via our Instagram, Facebook or Twitter accounts. We look forward to seeing what you’ve got!