Sustained Melody

This non-alcoholic kombucha cocktail was put together by Bourne & Hollingsworth, which runs some of London’s most creative, vibrant events spaces and bars. Without doubt, it’s a fairly complex cocktail to put together, but great things come to those who wait. And besides, once you’ve made up enough sherbet (which is the time-consuming part), you can save it for a weekend of tasty treats. For the perfect Sustained Melody, start riffing with the recipe below.

Bourne & Hollingsworth originally posted this recipe on their Instagram channel. Here’s what they had to say…

“For this drink, we re-purpose three form of citrus flesh and peels in a homemade three citrus sherbet which once combined with the complex flavours of Seedlip Spice 94, tonka beans and REAL Kombucha gives you a melodiously balanced non-alcoholic spritz. Saline solution is super simple to make – give it a quick Google.”



Time and serving

  • Prep time – 4 hours
  • Make time – 2 mins
  • Serves – 1




  • 2x tonka bean droplets (which can be bought online)
  • 2x drops of saline solution
  • REAL Dry Dragon top
  • 40ml Seedlip Spice 94
  • 30ml Three Citrus Sherbet

And for the Three Citrus Sherbet recipe… 

  • 1x pink grapefruit peel
  • 2x lemon peels
  • 300g sugar
  • 150ml pink grapefruit juice
  • 250ml lemon juice
  • 200ml lime juice
  • 1x tablespoon honey
  • 100ml water




  1. Heat the Three Citrus Sherbet ingredients gently until dissolved. Leave to cool and rest for 4 hours. Strain and bottle.
  2. Simply build the drink around ice in a wine glass, stirring gently to blend.