A kombucha and switchel cocktail: The Cranberry Queen

In late October, 2020, we caught up with drinks entrepreneur, Bethan Higson, for a podcast on Prohibition drinks, non-alcoholic wines and her delicious concoction, Mother Root. As part of the podcast (which you can listen to here), Bethan came up with a mouth-watering non-alcoholic cocktail created from her own ginger switchel, REAL Royal Flush, and cranberries. There’s plenty of yuletide festivity about this one. Deck the halls, pull on your Santa hats and bow to the Cranberry Queen.



Time and serving

  • Prep time – 1 min
  • Make time – 1 min
  • Serves – 1







    1. For this delicious Cranberry Queen cocktail, start by chilling down your drinks and your glasses. This may be a great winter drink, but those flavours will leap forth when properly cooled.
    2. Start with 10ml of Mother Root Ginger Switchel. Measure it carefully into your glass.
    3. Add 10ml of pressed cranberry juice. Bethan likes to use Biona Organic Pressed Cranberry, and we know what a great palate she has, so we’re going with the same. Stir gently.
    4. Add around 100ml of REAL Royal Flush, topping up your glass nicely.
    5. Serve with a few cranberries to garnish. Perfect for a non-alcoholic Christmas get-together.