A REAL Non-Alcoholic Brunch

When it comes to the non-alcoholic brunch, drinks options are often limited. The non-drinker has traditionally found themselves stuck with sparkling water, fizzy fruit juice, sugary softs or an amalgamation of all three, listed as a ‘mocktail’.

In our opinion, a REAL non-alcoholic brunch should feature none of the above. We exist to provide the non-drinker with a delicious alternative to a sparkling celebratory drink that can work as either the perfect straight serve, or even as the base of a wonderful non-alcoholic cocktail.

REAL Royal Flush is the ideal non-alc fizz. Brewed from the finest first flush Darjeeling, it packs all the sophistication and flavour with none of the hangover. 750ml cork-and-cage bottles can be ordered by the case via this link. Pour it into a beautiful glass and there’s absolutely no reason for the non-drinker at your brunch feast to feel left out.

Not sure how tea works as an alternative to grapes in the creation of these sparkling wine alternatives? Don’t worry. You’re not alone. It’s a strange concept to grasp, but it really works. And don’t just take our word for it. We’ve won awards for what we do.

Here are a few drinks industry experts to help you decide…

“A quality drink. We serve it at Le Gavroche because it is unique in style and is very versatile, either with or without food. Royal Flush is clean, complex and has great length. It can both highlight the freshness of the dish and bring a little subtlety.” – Rémi CousinHead SommelierLe Gavroche

REAL have set the bar high for alcohol-free drinks that fit into the wine occasion. Move over grapes – tea is where it is at!” – Laura Willoughby MBECo-founder, Club Soda

And because Royal Flush is unflavoured, using only the light, natural notes of berries, white peach and rhubarb that are a result of the tea undergoing the fermentation process, it works as a perfect alternative in a Champagne cocktail.

Take, for example, the Royal Bellini (recipe here). This exquisite drink builds on the natural velvet of a homemade peach purée, working in our delicious fermentation and finishing up as the perfect start to a sunny weekend at the brunch table.

So, if it’s a non-alcoholic brunch you’re looking to serve, make sure that REAL’s Royal Flush sits in a well-filled ice bucket at the centre of your table. Share a REAL and welcome the non-drinkers back to the party.