Cauliflower, brown crab and ramsons – REAL Chefs with Tobyn Excell

Tobyn Excell runs Sæl Projects. Tobyn is an expert forager and a wonderful chef with a fascinating philosophy. Check out his REAL Chefs video and recipe for cauliflower, brown crab and ramsons. You might learn something!


Cauliflower, brown crab and ramsons – recipe


    • Florets of a small cauliflower 1 tbsp marmite
    • 100g brown crab
    • 3 eggs
    • 1 dessert spoon Worcestershire sauce 50g butter
    • 20ml kombucha
    • Handful of ramson leaves
    • Primrose flowers
    • 200g Horseradish
    • 500ml Sunflower oil


Horseradish oil

Grate 200g fresh horseradish into 500ml sunflower oil and infuse overnight. Strain.


Dissolve marmite in 1.5L boiling salted water. Add cauliflower and cook for about 4 mins until just tender.

Crab custard

Whisk together crab, eggs and Worcestershire sauce in a mixing bowl. Place bowl over a pan of simmering water and continue to whisk until thickened, about 15 mins. Emulsify the butter and strain. Season with kombucha and salt to taste.

Ramsons (wild garlic)

Blanch for a couple of seconds in salted boiling water.


Place cauliflower in a bowl, generously pour over the crab custard and dress with ramson leaves, primrose flowers and horseradish oil.

Serve with Dry Dragon by Real Kombucha for a healthy, non-alcoholic pairing. Self-isolating in style!



Tobyn Excell runs Sæl Projects, which (in more normal times) runs SixSeats. Once a month, Tobyn invites six guests down to his beautiful 300-year-old cottage in Kent.

Together, you’ll forage for your food and learn about how we need to rebuild our relationship with the landscape around us. You’ll pick hogweed, you’ll learn how best to tackle stinging nettles with the evening’s menu in mind. And then you’ll go back to the house, get comfy around the kitchen table and chat with Tobyn and the other guests as he works up an incredible meal inspired by recipes sourced from local monasteries, abbeys, the British Library – anywhere that keeps records of how we’ve used our surroundings in the past.

For more on Tobyn, listen to our podcast episode here.

But that’s all for looking forward to in the future. In the meantime, we’ve invited Tobyn to contribute a recipe to our REAL Chefs project – helping chefs out in these difficult times. Here’s his recipe, including foraging tips, for cauliflower, brown crab and ramsons (wild garlic). Click the link below to make a contribution direct to Tobyn himself.



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