At REAL Kombucha, we see kombucha as the perfect alcohol replacement. Spreading the good word is an ongoing journey, however. On this blog, you’ll see how our story started, where it has been, and where it is headed, as we attempt to help people change the way they drink.

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Graduations, weddings, birthdays; during many of life’s celebrations, chances are high that a bottle of Prosecco or sparkling wine gets popped open. When you’re a non-drinker this can be difficult, as a glass of water or cola simply doesn’t cut it. But what if we told you that there are non-alcoholic alternatives to sparkling wine… Read more »

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So you’ve hit Dry January hard, but there are still a few weeks ahead of you. You’re going to need motivation – something to plug your ears into. At REAL, we’ve become veterans of Dry January, and over the past three years we’ve built up a library of fascinating conversations on our podcast, each of… Read more »

The merry time of Christmas is drawing on a-pace, and we’re encouraging all of our readers and customers to get their orders in ASAP. With so many people staying home for the Big Day this year, there are more delivery vans on the road, so we’re asking everyone to get their orders in by the… Read more »

Welcome to episode 24 of The REAL Podcast, brought to you, as ever, by REAL Kombucha. Grab your earphones and a glass of crystal clear Royal Flush. What a time to be supping award-winning non-alcoholic wine-like tipples. What a time to be alive! Speaking of which, this week’s guest used to work in the world… Read more »

With the second national lockdown now upon us, we wanted to let you know that we’re still brewing, bottling and shipping our non-alcoholic alternatives to sparkling wine, just as we did the first time around. This is, of course, in accordance with government guidelines, with our brewery team continuing to work in COVID-safe conditions. BUY… Read more »

“Fermented”… that’s a divisive word, isn’t it? At THE PIG Hotel, they describe it as “controlled spoilage” – a fantastic phrase, but hardly one to have you salivating wildly and digging in. If we had a penny for every time we saw someone turn their nose up at the idea of fermented food and drink,… Read more »

It has been a while since we last ventured out with The REAL Podcast, brought to you of course by REAL Kombucha. Those of you who have become regular listeners will know that for most of the first 20 episodes we tried to get out and meet like-minded brewers, entrepreneurs, fermenters and foodies. Of course,… Read more »

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The government’s obesity strategy was published this morning – a series of proposals I’ve been eagerly awaiting. As some of you will have learnt from the podcast I recorded earlier this year, I have spent much of my career trying to help people make better food choices. I love the flavours and possibilities that come… Read more »

This month, I celebrated my 13th sober year. People occasionally scoff at the idea of a sober celebration, as if the two concepts can’t co-exist. It’s not hard to see why. In the UK especially, we have a cultural tendency to associate alcohol with good times, so much so that we think a party without… Read more »

Ever wondered how a business starts, how an entrepreneur spots an idea and builds the right team to knock it into reality? In the 20th episode of The REAL Podcast, David Begg – founder of REAL – talks to co-founder, Jon Wilks, about the journey that has brought us to the new branding and the… Read more »

You asked, we listened. On Wednesday, May 13th, we launched REAL Royal Flush and Dry Dragon in gorgeous 750ml cork-and-cage bottles, offering our customers and our sober curious friends a genuine alternative to sparkling wine, presented in a way that feels both familiar and natural. Here’s a word from David Begg, REAL founder, on the… Read more »

It may seem strange to be launching new branding in the depths of such turmoil. Our intended launch date was March 31st, but between planning and launch, the world changed dramatically. Still, after a lot of consideration, we have decided that this is something we really want to share with you. Hopefully it’ll offer something… Read more »