At REAL, we make Sparkling Tea as the perfect, non alcoholic alternative to Champagne and sparkling wine. On this blog, you’ll see how our story started, where it has been, and where it is headed, as we attempt to help people change the way they drink.

Each year, as spring gradually becomes summer, REAL Founder David and Head Brewer Guillermo carry out a tea tasting to sample the best of the year’s Darjeeling tea harvest before choosing the exact pick to buy for the year ahead to use in our natural fermentation process for Royal Flush Sparkling Tea. The Darjeeling harvest… Read more »

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At REAL we believe you don’t need alcohol to make a delicious cocktail. Whether you’re cutting back on alcohol this month or simply don’t drink, we have the perfect alcohol-free happy hour setup that you can turn to on any occasion.  Our ranges of naturally fermented sparkling teas are low in sugar and have no… Read more »

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Raise your hands if you are ready for summer! We are getting excited about all the upcoming opportunities to sip on our favourite non-alcoholic drinks. We understand that finding a good alternative to alcohol can be tricky – especially if you are looking for something that tastes and feels similar to alcohol but doesn’t leave… Read more »

Quality loose leaf teas are at the heart of what we do at REAL. Our sparkling teas are unique in that they aren’t flavoured, instead, we rely on the quality of our loose teas and a slow, natural fermentation process to produce a liquid with incredible depth and complexity. Now is the perfect time to… Read more »

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As the sun is now making an increasingly frequent appearance, you may find yourself getting excited about picnic season. Let the team here at REAL inspire you with a list of our favourite ways to tantalise your tastebuds, this spring. REAL kombucha cocktails are perfect for when you’re out with friends and family, and are… Read more »

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Who is ready for picnics in the park? We are! As spring begins to rear its head, and we’ve had a few days of nice weather, we feel it’s time to start preparing for those long summer days. Here we will be taking a closer look at our flawless non-alcoholic Mojito and how we’ve perfected… Read more »

At REAL, we are supporting The Red Cross in its Ukrainian Humanitarian Appeal. This cause is incredibly close to all of us at REAL, none more so than our friend and colleague Oleg, Ukrainian national and REAL’s longest standing employee who joined co-founders David and Adrian as Technical Brewer in 2017. As the war in… Read more »

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The wave of low and no alcohol drinks is unquestionably here to stay. Whether you’re currently a non-drinker, have considered becoming alcohol-free, or have been lowering your alcohol intake for some time, REAL Kombucha has a drink to suit your every desire and need. Zero percent doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Zero percent… Read more »

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Now that we are in spring Mother’s Day is approaching fast, but how do we give back to the women in our lives? With kombucha, of course! We are joking, but kombucha is a great place to start. For 2022, celebrate with your mother in style, by pairing our premium kombuchas with dishes that will… Read more »

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Spring is upon us. With the change in seasons, we can start thinking about all the exciting things that come with warmer weather. Here at REAL Kombucha, Spring is our favourite season as the tea harvest officially begins. In this article, we will be looking at what exactly the tea harvest is, how to harvest… Read more »

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Many occasions centre around drinking at bars or even in pub gardens during the warmer months. This can be challenging for those of us who don’t drink or who prefer to sip on non-alcoholic beverages. If there isn’t a decent No & Low  menu to choose from, our choices for what to drink can begin… Read more »

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When it comes to New Year’s Resolutions, a bad habit we tend to have is that we immediately throw them overboard as soon as February 1st shows up on the calendar. You may recognise this if you’ve participated in Dry January. Whilst going sober for a month is really great, why not keep up the… Read more »