At Real Kombucha, we see kombucha as the perfect alcohol replacement. Spreading the good word is an ongoing journey, however. On this blog, you’ll see how our story started, where it has been, and where it is headed, as we attempt to help people change the way they drink.

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Do you like knowing where your food comes from, who it was tended by and what drives their passions? Are you a foodie that likes astounding ideas, often incredibly simple but in need of someone brave enough and keen enough to step forward and try them? Of course you do. That’s why you subscribe to… Read more »

Welcome to the seventh of our Real Podcast series, brought to you by Real Kombucha, and a fascinating chat with Chef Chantelle Nicholson. 

Two of the best new non-alcoholic brews on the block come together to discuss the way the non-drinking world is evolving. Real Kombucha meets Lucky Saint.

To celebrate our arrival on the shelves of Whole Foods Market, we challenged Mark Hix, Elly Pear and Joey O’Hare to choose one of our kombucha styles, to create the ideal dish with which to pair them, but to make sure the ingredients were all available in Whole Foods shops across London.

Come on in and eavesdrop on our conversation with River Cottage’s fermentation expert, Rachel De Thample. We have a podcast and blogpost ready and waiting.

The drive down to Axminster is shrouded in fog. The further we move away from London, the less we can see. We pass Stonehenge knowing that it’s there, lurking in the mist, but it might as well be in China for all we can make out. Given that we’re heading for the famous River Cottage… Read more »

In this video and longform interview we meet Jamie Park, head chef at The Frog Hoxton (owned by Adam Handling). He discusses how the food world is changing.