At REAL, we make Sparkling Tea as the perfect, non alcoholic alternative to Champagne and sparkling wine. On this blog, you’ll see how our story started, where it has been, and where it is headed, as we attempt to help people change the way they drink.

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Who is ready for the May Bank holiday? We sure are, and with our range of sparkling teas, we are getting ready to celebrate in style. In this article, we are going to be looking at why we celebrate the May Bank holiday, how to celebrate as a non-drinker and how you can enjoy a… Read more »

There’s no denying these are uncertain days. But in such times, we invariably see the good in one another. We know that many of the restaurants, bars and hotels we work with are seeing a dip in footfall, and we know that many of the live venues we work with (and the artists they support… Read more »

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We’ve teamed up with Urban Pubs & Bars to take you under the hood, so to speak. We’re got four kombucha masterclasses to invite you to.