Buy kombucha online

If you're looking to buy kombucha online – Real Kombucha, that is – then you've come to the right place. We use trusted suppliers to help you buy kombucha online easily, ensuring that the bottles reach you in safely and securely, just as they were when they left our brewery. Scroll down to find out more. 

Buy kombucha online for yourself

Real Kombucha is currently stocked online through Borough Wines, a stockist that currently has nine shops across the capital, and Light Drinks UK, an online store specialising in low or no-alcohol adult-oriented drinks. 

Buy kombucha online from either of our stockists and they'll ship it anywhere in the UK. They are now stocking Dry Dragon, Smoke House and Royal Flush

If you're still not sure what kombucha is, head over to our "What is kombucha?" page where we've answered the questions we most commonly hear. We also keep a regular kombucha blog, updating you on all kinds of kombucha-related thoughts and ideas, and you can sign up to our monthly newsletter here if you'd like to stay fairly up to date. 

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