Where to buy kombucha in the UK

Looking for REAL Kombucha out and about? We’re adding new restaurants, bars, hotels and partners everyday. Keep an eye on our social media to discover where you can find us. The ‘Kombucha UK’ scene is growing rapidly, and at REAL we pride ourselves on fermenting premium, gourmet kombucha that is now served in some of the best locations across the country.

Where can I buy kombucha in London? 

Where to buy kombucha in London

REAL Kombucha is served across London, which is where our first stockists and supporters are based. Since our launch in 2017, we have gone from small coffee shops to some of the capital’s best-loved restaurants, bars and hotels.

If you’re in the mood for fine dining, try Le Gavroche, Hakkasan, Lucky Cat, The Frog, The Clove Club, Story, Luca, Mortimer House, Coppa Club, The Hoxton, Top Cuvée and plenty more. (Note that this is just a small selection of some of the great restaurants we work with.)

If you prefer one of London’s great kombucha cocktails, try NT Bar, the Mint Gun Club, The Groucho, CloudM, Bourne & Hollingsworth, and any number of others.

You can also find REAL Kombucha in some of London’s wine shops including Shop Cuvée, Amathus, The Little Wine Shop (Stoke Newington) and Vinoteca.

Click here to find a list of our kombucha in London supermarkets.

Where can I buy kombucha in the UK?

Where to buy kombucha in the UK

REAL Kombucha is now available in cities and towns across the UK, either on great menus or in some of the country’s best known retailers. Here’s where you can find us.

Birmingham Brighton
Bristol Liverpool


Outside the capital, you’ll find REAL Kombucha on the menus of some incredible eateries, including The Fat Duck, The Pig Hotels chain, Hand & Flowers, Sat Bains, Casamia, Simpsons and more across the country.

Where to buy kombucha near you

REAL Kombucha cork-and-cage bottles being prepared for delivery from their brewery in the Chiltern Hills, UK

Until REAL Kombucha becomes available in a restaurant or bar local to you, the best way to buy kombucha in the UK is via our online shop. We’re taking all the necessary social distancing precautions and keeping things operating smoothly. We accept all major credit cards.


How to become a REAL Kombucha stockist in the UK

If you’d like to work with us and become a stockist of REAL Kombucha, drop us a line via this page or contact Adrian Hodgson. We have a number of routes to market to suit stockists of all sizes. Want some REAL Kombucha for your home or office? Click here to buy kombucha online.

We’ll keep updating this page, so if you’d like to stock REAL Kombucha in the UK and be added to our website, drop us a line via our contacts page