Where to buy kombucha in London and the UK

There can be no doubt that kombucha is on the up in this country, and we’re increasingly asked where you can buy Real Kombucha in London and the rest of the UK. Since we’re a brand new company (we spent our first two years perfecting our booch in the brewhouse), our list of outlets is still in its infancy.

If you’re in central London, we recommend you head over to Mile27, a stone’s throw from Warren Street tube station, where they’ll fill you right up as many times as you ask them to. We’re also now on sale at the Dragon Bar, Draft HouseThe Book Club, Rivington Mix and the Strongroom Bar in Shoreditch and The Manor House in Wanstead, not to mention Okko London, which is in Broadway Market. In Hackney you’ll find us at The Empress, Mother and Well Street Kitchen. Over in London Fields you’ll find us at Lahpet and The Bread Station.

If you’re after a shop rather than a bar, head to Amathus in either Soho or Shoreditch, or 7000 Jars of Beer in Kingston.

Alternatively, if you’re out in the West Country, The Pig near Bath is now selling Real Kombucha in their restaurant, using it to make some amazing non-alcoholic cocktails. Lucky swine!

Further north you’ll find us at the LEAF establishments in Liverpool and Manchester, as well as the all-new One Fine Day (Liverpool).

If you want to become a Real Kombucha stockist yourself and be added to the map, get in touch via the stockists’ page.

We know, however, that a booch thirst needs to be regularly sated. So, while we’re building up our outlets, we thought it’d be a good idea to put together a list (and a little Google Map), detailing all the places we know that stock any variety of kombucha in London and the UK. This is a collaborative process, too, so if you know of somewhere you think we should add, drop us a line via TwitterFacebook or Instagram. We look forward to hearing from you.

Where can I buy kombucha in London? 

While the booch scene in the UK capital is nascent compared to somewhere like Portland, USA (we were recently sent photos of vast crowds guzzling booch by the pint – our kind of heaven!) there are signs that the revolution is on its way.

As mentioned above, you can find Real Kombucha at The Empress, Mile27, Strongroom Bar, Draft House, Dragon Bar, The Book Club, Rivington Mix, Well Street Kitchen, Mother, Okko London, Lahpet, The Bread Station and The Manor House, and we’re adding more stockists all the time. As far as shops rather than bars go, you can find us at Amathus in Soho and Shoreditch, and at 7000 Jars of Beer in Kingston.

If you’re in the mood for a cold one straight from the tap, one of the few places you’ll find kegged kombucha in London is at Veggie Pret in Shoreditch. As fans of Real Kombucha will know, we don’t flavour our booch, so it’s worth pointing out that Veggie Pret’s offering is flavoured with ginger and lemon. Still, it’s really encouraging to see that at least one major chain is out of the starting blocks. May many more follow.

If you’re looking for a range of types of kombucha in London, there are a few shops that offer you plenty of choice. Planet Organic has six stores in zones 1 & 2 that will help you get your fix, and Harvest E8 (over in Dalston) regularly has a happy shelf-full.

We’ve also spotted kombucha at Pickles of London (also in Dalston), Harrods (decidedly not Dalston) and Timberyard (which has cafes in Soho and Seven Dials).

Nama, the vegan restaurant over in Notting Hill, is one of the only restaurants currently serving kombucha in London that we know of. We’d be delighted to hear about more.

For a high-class booch bonanza, head to The Ned – a 5-star hotel in the heart of the city. It’s the least hipster-like kombucha outlet you can imagine (which may well be a plus for you, depending on your disposition).

Where can I buy kombucha in Bristol?

OK, this probably isn’t too surprising, but just a glance at our map will tell you where the kombucha capital of Great Britain actually is. Take a deep breath, and off we go…

You can buy kombucha in Bristol at Better Food (stores in St Werburghs, Clifton and Wapping Wharf), Source Food Hall and the Mall Deli. Southville Deli also stocks kombucha, as does Wild Oats.

And that’s just the shops and delis we know about. If you’re after a cool glass of kombucha in Bristol in a bar or cafe setting, you could head to…

The Wild Beer Bar, The Ethicurean (restaurant), The Bristolian (cafe), The Crofters Rights (pub), No 12 Easton (restaurant), Cafe Kino, The Canteen (bar), The Arts House (cafe), Flow (restaurant), Old Market Assembly (cafe and restaurant), 25a Old Market (coffee shop and deli), The Cauldron (restaurant), The Volunteer Tavern (pub)…

That’s 18 Bristol kombucha outlets, and counting. Bristol, we salute you!

Where can I buy kombucha in Birmingham? 

One of the best tales we’ve been told recently is of a screaming toddler in King’s Heath being told in no uncertain terms, “For the last time, no! You’ve had enough kombucha this morning to last you a lifetime!” The chances are that the child’s supplier was the Happy Gut Hut, who do the rounds of various markets, from Moseley to King’s Norton, on a monthly basis. Check out their Facebook page to find out where they are today.

For somewhere a bit more rooted, head for Natural Healthy Foods, which have stores in Digbeth and Suffolk Street Queensway.

Where can I buy kombucha in Brighton? 

The Old Tree Brewhouse Cafe on Lewes Rd brews its own booch, and a handsome looking drink it is, too. Purezza, the vegan pizza people, also stock kombucha.

Other than that you can buy it at a variety of health food shops, most of which don’t appear to have websites. Look our for kombucha in Brighton at Mariposa Alternative Bodycare (15a Shelldell Road), Gratitude Tree Grocers, Otello Cafe (118-120 Church Rd, Hove), Mulberry Stores (29 Whitehawk Way), Taj the Grocer (95 Western Rd), and Seed n Sprout (Kemptown).

Where can I buy kombucha in Norwich? 

As hipster towns go, Norwich has long been the worst-kept secret, so it’s no surprise that kombucha is up and thriving way out East. Rainbow Wholefoods are a shop as well as being a wholesalers, so you can order your booch in bulk from them.

Timberhill Bakery (and cafe) serves kombucha as part of its sit down menu (as well as bottles to take away), as does Wild Thyme. Considering that Norwich’s population is less than 2% of London’s, that’s not bad going at all. Booch lovers, unite! Let’s all move to Norwich!

Where else in the UK can I buy kombucha? 

We’ve spotted kombucha loose and welcoming in various places across the UK. In no particular order, Rawberry in Winchester often have a nice selection, while Manchester (which you’d think might have more on offer – here’s hoping!) boasts the 8th Day Cafe and Co-op as a top spot for kombucha in Manchester, not to mention Healthy Spirit (Didsbury). In Liverpool we’ve tasted kombucha at Abaca health food shop and Purple Carrot.

Real Kombucha itself can now be found at the LEAF establishments in Liverpool and Manchester, as well as the all-new One Fine Day (Liverpool).

As of July 21st, you can also get Real Kombucha at The Pig in Somerset. Have them fill your trough with the finest booch in the British Isles. You won’t regret it.

The search continues…