Not drinking? Searching for an alternative?

We all know what it feels like: you are down your cosy local, at a posh do, or out on the town and you end up stuck in the corner clutching a fizzy drink with a straw. Most non-alcoholic drinks have been typically targeted at kids, and can make you feel excluded from the crowd even when you are dressed up to the nines and felt pretty good when you stepped out the door.

That’s why we began brewing Real Kombucha – made by fermenting tea using the same processes as wine or beer, but with the alcohol naturally removed. Our Royal Flush works as a great alternative to Prosecco, our Smoke House is like an amazing scrumpy cider or real ale, and our Dry Dragon is perfect as a sparkling citrus wine.

We’ve made an alternative to alcohol for every drinking occasion, which means that you can rejoin the party.


Real Kombucha deliveries are fulfilled nationwide straight from our brewery in the Chiltern Hills.