Become a Real Kombucha stockist

Real Kombucha may be a new company but we’re growing very fast. We’re already in some of the country’s most desirable places, including The Fat Duck in Bray, the Pig Hotel in Somerset and some of London’s best-loved bars and restaurants. We’re adding new locations by the day. You can find out who we’re working with on our Real Kombucha stockists map.

If you’d like to stock Real Kombucha at your establishment, why not drop us a line and we can set up a tasting session.

The chap to speak to is Adrian Hodgson:

Tel: 07854636857

Alternatively, we currently use Amathus as a wholesaler. Click here to head to our Amathus page.

Reasons to stock Real Kombucha

Our very first stockist was Mile27, a London bar that caters to the emerging generation of health-conscious city-dwellers. The trend towards mindful food and drink consumption is growing fast, and Mile27 is not unusual in what it offers.

Stats provided by Club Soda suggest that bars like these may be onto something…

  • 66% of pub and bar customers want to see lower-sugar drinks options
  • 57% confirm that the choice of low and no alcohol drinks does influence their decision of which venues to go to
  • 30% of the people in a bar or pub at any given time will not be there to drink alcohol

Because we use no added extras, our fermented tea is as pure as it gets. Real Kombucha is ridiculously low in sugar content and comes in at around 0.35% alcohol (lower than many non-alcoholic beers). As such, we offer an adult-oriented soft drink that’s a really great alternative on a night out.

Which leads us neatly on to the next point…

Kombucha is a complex beast to brew, and it’s very hard to maintain consistency. We believe this is the reason that so many brewers flavour their drinks. However, because we spent nearly two years in the brewhouse experimenting with the fermentation processes on around 125 different teas before going public, we’ve perfected a way to get the best flavours from the best teas without having to go anywhere near any sugary extras.

While this has a clear benefit to the waistline, it’s also very good for bars and restaurants looking to expand their alcohol-free cocktail ranges. The strength of body and fermented flavour in a good kombucha means that it makes an excellent replacement for alcohol in a mixed drink. Since Real Kombucha is the only brewing company in the UK that doesn’t use alternative flavourings, it’s also the best option as an alcohol replacement. (We have a few alcohol-free cocktail videos on our Youtube channel, made in association with The Pig Hotel chain, if you’re interested in trying some recipes.)

Gut health is very much in the news at the moment, and kombucha health benefits are a big part of the story. While the jury is out on many of the more outlandish claims (you’ll not catch us saying kombucha is a cancer cure until the day that particular dream is proven to be a reality), the presence of many of the natural enzymes, vitamins, acids and microbes that come as part and parcel of the fermentation process are all present and correct in kombucha.

As such, you might say that Real Kombucha – hand-crafted, all natural, probiotic, rich in polyphenols, low in sugar and calories – is one of the only drinks that you can gulp down and leave the pub healthier. It’s almost a bonus that it tastes so darn refreshing.

There’s no doubt about it, kombucha is on the up, and the buzz growing around it is huge. A few stats for you:

  • Search Google UK for ‘kombucha’ and you’ll get just under 25 million results
  • Search Youtube and you’ll get 330,000 videos on the subject
  • Amazingly, there are around 700 tweets and Instagram posts containing the word ‘kombucha’ every hour
  • In business terms, the kombucha UK market is predicted to grow year on year by 25%. The global kombucha market is expected to reach $4.46 billion by 2024. That’s a heck of a lot of kombucha and a heck of a lot of drinkers.

If you’re ready to come onboard, drop us a line.