Spring Has Sprung: Ways To Enjoy Kombucha In Picnic Season

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Spring Has Sprung: Ways To Enjoy Kombucha In Picnic Season

As the sun is now making an increasingly frequent appearance, you may find yourself getting excited about picnic season. Let the team here at REAL inspire you with a list of our favourite ways to tantalise your tastebuds, this spring. REAL kombucha cocktails are perfect for when you’re out with friends and family, and are particularly refreshing as the sun kisses your face. We have assembled our top tips for enjoying kombucha in the spring during the picnic season, find out more below.

Drink It Straight from the Glass

REAL Kombucha is deliciously refreshing, particularly during picnic season. Our kombucha cocktails are an excellent alternative for those opting to drink a little less whilst still desiring that sophistication and delight during a special gathering. The best way to enjoy our low or no alcoholic drinks is straight from the glass and at room temperature. A bottle of REAL is the ideal thing to pick up from your local retailer; pop a couple of glasses in a picnic basket or cool bag and you can happily sip REAL all afternoon. Slip them into a cool bag to keep them cool and refreshing throughout the day.

We know you need a non-alcoholic drink that packs a punch. That’s why REAL Kombucha is brewed using the finest, hand-picked loose-leaf teas, all of which we carefully choose from exquisite, small tea gardens around the world. Collaborating with our very own tea expert, our team have experimented with more than 150 different teas in order to develop our individual brews, to bring you the astringent flavour you love. Our focus has always been on quality and complexity of flavour: our fermented sparkling teas prove time and time again to be unparalleled against alternate non-alcoholic drinks and are excellent when paired with a wide variety of foods.

Picnic Cocktails, Anyone?

When it comes to spring picnics, what could be better than a few easy cocktails in the warm weather? As we enter picnic season we felt it only right to showcase our extraordinarily invigorating kombucha mojito – a perfect spring drink for picnics. The main focus is all about crushed, lush greenery combined with the citrussy punch of REAL Dry Dragon and finished with a touch of lime. Find the recipe for our favourite non-alcoholic Mojito below.

Time and serving:

  • Preparation Time – 5 minutes
  • Time to Make – 5 mins
  • Serves – 1


  • 25ml lime juice
  • 125ml REAL Dry Dragon
  • 10ml sugar syrup (or 10ml mint syrup works just as effectively)
  • Fresh mint leaves
  • Ice cubes


  • Mix the lime and sugar together with the sugar syrup. Pour over the ice cubes into your glass. Top up your glass with the REAL Dry Dragon.
  • Gently scrunch the mint leaves to release their fragrance before garnishing to taste

We love this REAL Kombucha cocktail due to its simplicity.. With the small number of ingredients needed – all of which will remain fresh in your cool bag for the day – this is the perfect cocktail to create at your next spring picnic!

A Drink That Goes From Day to Night

We all love a drink or two – that is until the morning after hits and you become frustrated when wasting the following day. Our REAL Kombucha sparkling teas are sure to quench your thirst without leaving you worried about that dreaded hangover. Our kombucha teas are a great alternative to wine and can be drunk from day to night. They are great when out for brunch with friends and are just as delicious as an alternative to sparkling wine when entertaining guests in the evening.

As the days get longer, people are out with friends more and socialising. But often, those looking to drink less alcohol can find the party scene somewhat overwhelming. Our REAL sparkling teas are the perfect alternative to those headache-inducing alcoholic drinks we understand many are trying to avoid.