How Low and No Alcohol Drinks Are Rising In Popularity

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How Low and No Alcohol Drinks Are Rising In Popularity

The wave of low and no alcohol drinks is unquestionably here to stay. Whether you’re currently a non-drinker, have considered becoming alcohol-free, or have been lowering your alcohol intake for some time, REAL Kombucha has a drink to suit your every desire and need.

Zero percent doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Zero percent battery can ruin your day, zero percent alcohol can improve it!

No Dread. No Sore Head.

Hangovers often lead you to waste the day after drinking. This is not the case the day after drinking REAL Kombucha, instead, you can wake up feeling fresh and ready to enjoy your weekend.

What Better Reason Is There For Going Alcohol-Free Or Exploring Your Sober Curiosity?

The drinks industry is undergoing a non-alcoholic revolution. Non-alcoholic beverages have increased in popularity and consumption in recent years, and this trend is only expected to continue to grow.

Whatever the motivation, whether it’s a desire to live a healthy lifestyle, religious reasons, personal choice or driving duties, the movement is gaining traction.

Dry January has a large amount of the population putting their pint or martini glass in the back of the cupboard and switching it for a mug of tea or soft drink. With REAL Kombucha you can still enjoy the act of having a drink without actually having any alcohol.

This trend has gained in popularity such that customers throughout the world are increasingly interested in no and low-alcohol drinks throughout the year.

Why Else Are People Choosing to Go Low or No Alcohol-Free?

The way people tend to spend their time has a huge influence on their drinking habits. Since the pandemic, more people are staying in but they still want an adult drink that gives them the same experience as drinking alcohol.

For far too long the category was dormant, with non-alcoholic not providing a healthy alternative to alcohol, many with extremely high sugar content In contrast, at REAL Kombucha our beverages are low-calorie and alcohol-free with around 3% sugar and a mere 30 calories per 175ml glass.

It’s a fantastic method to get the taste of your favorite cocktails or wine without the consequences. You can still enjoy the flavor and social features of drinking, without the hangover.

REAL Kombucha Mixed Case Dry Dragon Royal Flush 750ml plus wine glasses

The Art Of Mindful Drinking

The no and low-alcohol category has prospered as the nation’s focus has shifted to health and wellbeing in the aftermath of the pandemic. With alcohol moderation and mindful drinking becoming mainstream in the last year the urge to reduce alcohol consumption is at an all-time high.

Did You Know That Millennials Drink Less Alcohol?

In comparison to previous generations, millennials consume less alcohol. This is especially true among younger millennials, who frequently choose non-alcoholic or low-alcohol beverages to avoid the effects of drinking alcohol, AKA a horrific hangover ruining your weekend! This trend also demonstrates a preference for moderation over abstinence.

Whether you are choosing to drink less or not to drink at all, the growing non-alcoholic industry gives consumers a choice of drink, rather than expecting them to rely on soft drinks or water. Low and no alcohol beverages allow for a variety of tasty drinks, whilst not feeling like you are missing out by not drinking your favorite wine or cocktail.

Our Top Recommended Low and No-Alcohol Serves

As a result of people optionally choosing low or no alcoholic beverages, a new category of high-quality, complex soft drinks aimed at adults has been created.

Did you know that REAL Kombucha won the Best No & Low Wine or Wine Alternative and Sommeliers’ Choice No & Low Awards at the Imbibe No & Low Awards in 2020? With this emergence REAL Kombucha has developed an abundance of quality alcohol-free alternatives.

Try our Royal Flush, which has been praised for being a superb non-alcoholic wine substitute with a fresh and floral flavor. Rhubarb, white peach, and a hint of blackcurrant emerge from the tea. The fruit and spice flavors help to soften and delicately balance the acidity.

REAL Kombucha Royal Flush, the ideal non-alcoholic food pairing served with lamb and roast vegetables

Alternatively, try our Dry Dragon which has nutty straw and hay notes. Dry Dragon has a delicate grassy undertone and is light and zesty with notes of lemon and grapefruit. It’s a fantastic light, summer sparkling tea to drink at any time of day.


REAL Kombucha Dry Dragon 750ml bottles served on the edge of a river amongst bamboo plants

Royal Flush and Dry Dragon are incredibly versatile and can be used with low or no alcohol spirits to create really interesting cocktails and mocktails. Why not try making one of our tasty cocktails to enjoy at your next dinner party or a cosy night in!

Our non-alcoholic bucks fizz is ideal for any meal or occasion that requires something a little more grown-up than just orange juice. Make it particularly special by using Dry Dragon and blood orange.

If you are feeling fancy, you could make our Cucumber Basil Martini. When we think of a martini we instantly think of booze and citrus. Well, look no further as this non-alcoholic version shines with its citrus notes.

Maybe you are looking for a cocktail to drink in the coming summer months, Hana’s Summer Flush is the perfect non-alcoholic replacement. This is fresh and sweet, perfect for enjoying on a hot summer’s day.