Celebrate Mother’s Day In Style With These Perfect Kombucha and Food Pairings

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Celebrate Mother’s Day In Style With These Perfect Kombucha and Food Pairings

Now that we are in spring Mother’s Day is approaching fast, but how do we give back to the women in our lives? With kombucha, of course! We are joking, but kombucha is a great place to start. For 2022, celebrate with your mother in style, by pairing our premium kombuchas with dishes that will both wow and delight her – whether you are making them yourself or eating out. In this article we look at the best ways to celebrate Mother’s Day this year, accompanied by the ideal serve and food pairings for our range of premium kombuchas.

How To Celebrate Mother’s Day 2022

With the last couple of Mother’s Day celebrations focussing on staying inside, many of us did not see our mums around this time. Consequently, many of us may have lost inspiration for ways to best show our mother that we truly care.

Planning an event or activity that you and your whole family can do together is the ideal solution to get back to spending that quality time with one another. Booking a family meal at your favourite establishment or taking it a step further and cooking a divine three-course meal yourself could be the ideal way to go. We have kombucha for every occasion, both our Royal Flush and Dry Dragon pair well with any meal.

The Perfect Serve: Dry Dragon

When it comes to serving our Dry Dragon this Mother’s Day, we recommend letting the bottle chill in the fridge, popping the cork, and pouring it into a wine glass or flute, neat and without any ice. Let the delicate flavors dance on your tongue and sip slowly to truly appreciate the taste.  As for taste, our Dry Dragon delivers light citrus notes on the palette, complete with sweet lemon and grapefruit, grounded in a definite vegetal, green tea back note, and a longer, fuller-bodied finish.

If you are preparing to have your mother over for dinner to celebrate in style then we have the ideal food pairing to complement this premium kombucha. For the upcoming warmer months of spring, we recommend pairing Dry Dragon with fresh summer salads or any green vegetables or fruits. If you are looking for something a little meatier this serve is also complemented by shellfish, or naturally sits alongside many Asian dishes. Our team recommends serving it chilled, as this allows the fresh aromas from the beverage to circulate before the first taste.

Perfect Dinner Pairings With Royal Flush

Now for our Royal Flush, a much-welcomed guest at any celebration especially Mother’s Day 2022. In order to wow your mother this year, we recommend pouring her a much-needed glass of Royal Flush, along with her meal. Again we recommend serving it chilled, in a wine glass or flute without ice. As this beverage has fruity notes of rhubarb and peach and a short, fresh, and bright finish, this drink is ideal when it comes to impressing both your mum and any additional guests.

REAL Kombucha 750ml cork and cage bottle with tall wine glass - the ideal non-alcoholic wine alternative

Don’t worry – we’ve also got dinner covered. To truly appreciate this kombucha we recommend pairing it with any white meat such as chicken, turkey, duck, or goose as well as any white fish like cod, haddock, sea bass, pollack, coley, hake, or whiting. If you are having a full three-course meal this kombucha also works as an aperitivo and acts particularly well as a dessert wine with pudding.