Done With Dry January But Still Sober Curious? Our Top 5 Tips To Keep Up The Good Work

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Done With Dry January But Still Sober Curious? Our Top 5 Tips To Keep Up The Good Work

When it comes to New Year’s Resolutions, a bad habit we tend to have is that we immediately throw them overboard as soon as February 1st shows up on the calendar. You may recognise this if you’ve participated in Dry January. Whilst going sober for a month is really great, why not keep up the good work and continue your sober journey throughout the rest of the year? If you’re struggling to stay motivated after Dry January has ended but you are sober curious, keep on reading to find our top five tips to keep going.

What is Dry January?

If you’re not familiar with the concept yet, we’ll quickly bring you up to speed with all the ins and outs of Dry January. As soon as the new year starts, so does Dry January. For the entire month, active participants choose to go 100% alcohol free, essentially to reset after all the festivities in December and kick off the beginning of the year with a fresh start.. So why stop after January 31st? If you’re keen to get going, there’s a couple things you can do to make it easier. Curious what they are?

1. Discover new alcohol free drinks

When it comes to reducing or getting rid of alcoholic beverages, it can be tricky to find likewise drinks that give you the same experience. Be honest, ordering a diet coke while dining in a fancy restaurant just isn’t as appealing as a glass of champagne. You would be pleased to find out that there are, in fact, products on the market that taste and look like sparkling wine, but without the alcohol. Our Royal Flush is a great example as it can be defined as a non alcoholic Champagne. Produced from fragrant first flush Darjeeling, REAL Kombucha’s Royal Flush is the perfect alternative to a sparkling wine. If you’re sober-curious and are looking for a delicious and sophisticated alternative served in a flute, this is the one.

REAL Kombucha Royal Flush 750ml Tall Glasses

2. Let your friends know

This may sound strange, as it’s your decision, but telling your friends about going sober can actually make it easier. When you’re out at the pub and someone offers you a glass of red wine, it can be more difficult to decline, even if it’s out of politeness. By telling your friends, they’ll be aware of your situation and who knows, you might inspire them to go alcohol free too!

3. Sign up for The Sober Club

If you lack motivation to keep going, signing up to The Sober Club can be helpful as you’ll be thrown into a group of likeminded people who are on the same path as you. The Sober Club is a membership site for people who are on their sober journey and are looking for resources, inspiration and above all, a community of people who are either sober-curious or on their alcohol-free journey with you.

4. Enjoy mocktails with friends

When it comes to New Year’s Resolutions and goals in general, it’s important to keep ourselves motivated and keep it fun. So instead of sticking to soft drinks, making mocktails with your friends on a Friday evening can be a fun activity while still sticking to your new lifestyle. We’ve got a bunch of mocktail recipes with Royal Flush and Dry Dragon, if you’re looking for some inspo. Our personal favourite is the Breakfast Mar-Tea-Ni, absolutely delightful!

Breakfast Mar-Tea-Ni non-alcoholic cocktail serving suggestion

5. Non-alcoholic food pairings

Now that you are enjoying non-alcoholic drinks, it may be worth looking into recipes to pair these drinks with. As the flavours are different to what you’re used to, trying new recipes can help to make your non-alcoholic alternative to sparkling wine even more delicious. If you’re a fan of REAL’s Royal Flush, we recommend giving the Hake with Spring Vegetables from Ollie Templeton a go. More into Dry Dragon? Try the Spicy Greens with Peanut Butter and Apples!