The First Sip: What To Expect When First Drinking Kombucha

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The First Sip: What To Expect When First Drinking Kombucha

Kombucha is a unique and one-of-a-kind product which has little else to compare it to on the market. Due to this, we get many questions asking about the particular tastes of our products and how best to serve them to truly experience all of the complex notes that are present within them. In this article, we will be answering all of your enquiries surrounding what kombucha tastes like, where the distinct smell comes from and what you can expect when you purchase REAL kombucha.

What Does Kombucha Taste Like?

One of the many questions people ask before cracking open a bottle of kombucha, is what does it taste like? Kombucha is produced by fermenting tea. Much like wine, there are many varieties of tea despite all coming from the same plant, Camellia Sinensis. The different varieties of tea each have independent flavour profiles. A first flush Darjeeling for example will present very delicate floral and fruit notes, whereas a Malawi black tea will be quite astringent with much more robust character notes such as tobacco or burnt orange.

Through the fermentation process, the character notes of the original tea are drawn out and acid levels change, resulting in kombucha which will have a  unique taste and a perfect balance of acidity, sweetness and distinct fragrant notes on the nose, typical of the chosen teas.

REAL Kombucha is best served chilled and poured straight into a Champagne flute. However, kombucha can be very versatile depending on how it is produced. Unlike REAL, other kombuchas on the market are often flavoured and present more as a soft drink, often also used as a mixer in cocktails.

The Distinct Smell

Again, down to the fermentation process, kombucha typically has a very noticeable and recognised smell, which some describe as slightly ‘vinegary’. Kombucha gets its acidity from a natural fermentation of yeast and bacteria. The bacteria produce a couple of main acids, such as acetic acid and gluconic acid. These are the same as you might find in vinegar, so yes, in some kombuchas there will be a similarity in smell and taste. However, at REAL we try to stop fermentation when we have reached a balance between sweetness, flavour and acidity.

Our Premium Kombuchas & What They Taste Like

REAL Dry Dragon is a pan roasted Long Jing green tea kombucha presented as light, dry and refreshing, with citrus notes of sweet lemon and grapefruit underpinned with a delicate leafy undertone. Perfect for those late summer nights as a refreshing companion.

REAL Kombucha Dry Dragon with a tall glass amongst leaves

Also, our REAL Royal Flush, which is the most fragrant in our premium range. Fresh and floral, the first flush Darjeeling tea develops distinct notes of rhubarb, white peach and a touch of blackcurrant on the nose.The fruit and spice flavours round out the acids resulting in soft and delicate finishing notes.

How to serve kombucha

If either of these take your fancy, we also have a cocktails page which will give that all important inspiration when it comes to making your serves. Whilst our kombucha can be enjoyed on it’s own, over some ice, it can also be a great alternative to alcohol and make for some amazing drinks that will wow all of your guests.

What is Different About The REAL Kombucha Range?

REAL Kombucha is a very special and unique brew. In order to create the wide range of exquisite flavours that we have only offer, we specifically only use tea, sugar and our proprietary kombucha culture.

By adding nothing else, we are able to achieve the great flavour that our kombuchas are known so well for. In the fermentation process, which often takes several weeks and months, we use the highest quality and most characterful teas, and control our process with a level of knowledge and precision known only in the best wine making or beer brewing processes. This really sets REAL apart, as many other kombuchas are created quickly using a high acid stream with  a rough kombucha base and adding flavouring such as ginger. Here at REAL, we believe that with a little care and attention, you can create such refined and wonderful ferments just from tea itself.