3 Essentials That Cannot Be Missed When Hosting a Vegan Christmas Dinner

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3 Essentials That Cannot Be Missed When Hosting a Vegan Christmas Dinner

With the festive season right around the corner now, it’s important to start thinking about the all important Christmas dinner. Traditionally, a Christmas feast consists of roast  turkey, vegetables such as brussel sprouts and roast potatoes and of course, lots of chestnut stuffing and  lashings of gravy.

However, with veganism rising in popularity with many of us making more conscious choices of what we purchase and consume it’s highly likely that a more diverse menu to serve  guests is preferable these days.

Brilliantly the choice of alternatives is ever expanding on supermarket shelves, making it much easier to create vegan and vegetarian options to offer guests. Here are our top three vegan essentials to serve over the festive period.

1. Cocktails to Knock Your Socks Off

It wouldn’t be a celebration without some delicious cocktails to serve for party guests. Vegan friendly and easy to mix, The Everleaf Sour is as effortless as it is delicious and a great addition to any menu.

To make this cocktail, you will need:

  • 10ml Everleaf
  • REAL Dry Dragon
  • 1 lemon
  • 15ml egg white
  • Mint
  • Chunky ice cubes

REAL’s Dry Dragon can be compared to a refreshing, sparkling Sauvignon Blanc and is vegan friendly! Swap egg whites out for aquafaba, which creates a body and a velvety head of foam. This fresh, dry and smooth non alcoholic cocktail that looks and tastes the part to wow everyone invited this Christmas without the hangover.

2. Christmas Dinner: Vegan Edition

Now, let’s talk about the main attraction – Christmas dinner! Usually centred around meat and gravy, swapping out some of the more traditional pieces for some carefully produced, vegan alternatives is easy to do and can make the Christmas menu that bit more interesting for guests.

Why not try out a Vegan Holiday Roast? Typically, these dishes are made with alternatives such as Seitan, nuts, legumes or  tofu and make for a welcome substitution for any meat products you may be serving.

An abundance of side dishes including roast veg, vegan stuffing made with lentils, cranberries or chestnuts and plant based pigs in blankets are also a great option to have in addition to the main meal.

If your whole party is vegan, skipping the meat all together and going all in on a Tofurky is definitely a good option. Tofurkey, a play on works between tofu and turkey, is a type of faux turkey which is an excellent vegan or vegetarian alternative to traditional Christmas meats. Usually, this dish comes in the form of a loaf or casserole and contains vegetarian protein such as tofu, Seitan. If you want to go the extra mile, you can even stuff it with some of your favourite vegan grains or flavour it with a broth of herbs and spices.

3. Desserts For All!

Arguably the most exciting part to come at the end of a Christmas meal, and where traditionally Christmas pudding is served with brandy butter and custard, nowadays vegan puddings are a plenty. Easily accessible, there are plenty of egg-free, honey-less and dairy-free options available making it easy to serve this hot fruit pudding alongside vegan custard. Pair alongside our Limited Edition Iron Goddess, a rich, amber hued demi-sec brimming with honey, nut and prune notes to top off the feasting extravaganza.

Iron Goddess