What is the best alcohol to drink on a diet? A REAL alternative

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What is the best alcohol to drink on a diet? A REAL alternative

Once you have started your weight loss journey or you are trying to live a more balanced lifestyle, there’s a high chance the advice given is to cut back on alcohol. A serious health consideration in its own right, but particularly for those following a diet, it can be difficult to give up yet is a major contributor to weight gain. However there are non-alcoholic drink options such as REAL that can replace habitually reaching for the bottle, and that give all the flavour, but with a fraction of the sugar and calories as alcohol.

Why is alcohol bad for you?

For some, the answer to this question might be obvious. For many of us however, when it’s all too easy to pour another glass or more on weekends, it’s convenient to overlook the negative impacts of alcohol. Excessive consumption is often a main cause of liver damage and weight gain. But when on average a cocktail contains 200 calories, it’s easy to see how one can rack up close to half an adult’s daily calorie intake on a night out with friends after a few rounds.

Healthiest alcohol to drink on a diet

So, what is the best or healthiest alcohol to drink on a diet then? Put simply, we’d suggest none. Alcohol is calorific, where one glass of Sauvignon (175ml serve) is around 150 calories and a spirit and mixer can add up to 100 calories due to the sugar content of most mixers. If the diet is going well it’s probably not worth the risk of undoing all the hard work. Instead, we’d recommend enjoying a non-alcoholic, low sugar drink if one is looking for an alternative that is a tad more premium than sparkling water. For this reason, REAL Kombucha offers a real alternative in the form of sparkling fermented tea, which has a comparable flavour profile to a sparkling white wine but with far less sugar and none of the alcohol.

What is a healthy non-alcoholic alternative to wine?

If you’re a wine lover, we understand how challenging it can often be to cut it out. But have you ever considered alternatives that are just as good, yet don’t contain the alcohol, sugars and calories? REAL Kombucha’s premium sparkling range only contains 30 calories per glass, which is five times less than an average glass of wine. At 15 calories and 3 grams of sugar per 100 ml, REAL’s drinks are also non-alcoholic and fermented naturally to deliver all the flavour, mouthfeel and length as their alcoholic cousins.

Imagine a crisp, refreshing Sauvignon Blanc, but without the calories or hangover! REAL’s Dry Dragon, is a light and citrusy sparkling that is a great alternative to dry white wine. Or, in place of prosecco, a perfect non-alcoholic celebration sparkling that suits all special occasions, try REAL Royal Flush. Fresh, fruity and floral, serve chilled in Champagne flute and congratulate yourself for making a healthier choice instead.

REAL Kombucha Mixed Case Dry Dragon Royal Flush 750ml plus wine glasses


Healthy food pairings with REAL Kombucha

Of course, a balanced lifestyle can only be achieved if you eat primarily healthy food. While balance is key, it’s important to nurture your body with vegetables and fruits. Choosing a healthy, balanced diet doesn’t mean that your food has to be flavourless or boring, therefore we have collated interesting recipes full of fresh ingredients that can be paired wonderfully with REAL Kombucha. Find out more about the Kombucha food pairings in the Know-How section of our website.