4 Autumn Food Pairings With REAL Kombucha

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4 Autumn Food Pairings With REAL Kombucha

As of last Wednesday, it’s official: Autumn is here. While some of us may be sad that summer is over, (or not perhaps after the summer we’ve had in the UK this year), we are secretly looking forward to those cosy evenings hunkering down by the fire. As the nights draw in, there’s something about this season that becomes a bit festive and comforting. Or perhaps… The real reason why we love Autumn is the abundance of fabulous seasonal products and all the food that goes with it. What better than a creamy pumpkin soup, roast butternut squash or a freshly baked apple crumble for pud. If you’re a non-drinker and you’re struggling to pair autumn food dishes with non-alcoholic alternatives to wine, keep reading for some Autumnal inspiration.

Wild mushroom risotto with truffle

One of our favourite autumn food menu ideas, this delicious risotto recipe, prepared with wild mushrooms, onions, garlic, and white truffle oil, was composed by REAL Chef Martin Frickel. Rich, earthy and creamy, the combination is paired wonderfully with Royal Flush, a delicate and floral non-alcoholic drink that has notes of rhubarb, white peach and a touch of blackcurrant. This medium-dry sparkling compliments the savoury notes where the acidity balances beautifully with the creaminess of the risotto.  Get the full recipe here.

Autumn salad with pear

Who says salads can only be enjoyed during the spring and summer? We absolutely love a healthy, satisfying salad at this time of year, especially when paired with REAL Kombucha. Blue cheese and pear is a marriage made in heaven, throw in some green leaves and walnuts and you’ve got a perfect pairing with Dry Dragon, as it’s light and citrusy with a leafy undertone. Try experimenting with asparagus, broad bean, fennel and pea shoots, all of which work harmoniously with Dry Dragon too.

Tortellini with pumpkin

Quick, easy and comforting, pasta is amongst most peoples favourite dishes. And so akin with this time of year, pumpkins are in abundance, and work wonderfully together. While there are various pumpkin pasta recipes out there, we especially liked this one by Delicious Magazine. Made up of ricotta and spinach tortellini, sage, Cashel blue and roast pumpkin and you’ve got yourself the perfect autumn food recipe that balances beautifully with Royal Flush.

Warm potato and smoked mackerel salad

This simple and comforting potato salad by chef extraordinaire Elliott Lidstone – founder of acclaimed restaurant Box-E in Bristol – is healthy, filling and absolutely delicious. Definitely one of our favourites! Pair his recipe with Dry Dragon, the sparkling citrus spritz that works perfectly with the mackerel and pickled cucumber. Get the full autumn food recipe from our website.

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