Our Top Five Favourite Vegan Drinks

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Our Top Five Favourite Vegan Drinks

Whilst it’s getting a lot easier to live a vegan lifestyle the past few years, it can still be difficult to find good vegan alternatives to drink. Especially on special occasions where a simple glass of water doesn’t do it and you prefer something a bit more sophisticated or luxurious. If you’ve run out of vegan drink options or you’re in the mood to try something new, keep on reading as we have assembled a list of vegan drinks with our top five favourites!

What fizzy drinks are vegan?

If vegan drinks with a bit of sparkle are what you are looking for, you’ll be glad to hear that most soft drinks are in fact vegan. Coke, Diet Coke, Fanta and Sprite (by Coca-Cola) are all classified as vegan, however, often packed with sugar and served with a straw, they’re hardly the most sophisticated or healthy choice, especially at a wedding or to accompany a meal in a restaurant.

When it comes to vegan fizz, it’s worth checking the list of ingredients as whilst most proseccos for example are vegan, some go through a fining process where a substance such as gelatin (animal protein), egg whites, milk protein or even fish bladder protein is added to the wine as part of the winemaking process. Yikes, not so vegan anymore.

Vegan drinks to talk about

If you’re lost for inspiration and you’re desperately looking for new vegan drinks, we have got you covered. We’ll be sharing our favourite vegan, non-alcoholic fizzy drinks in this blog that you will definitely want to be trying out soon.

1. Nonsuch Shrubs

One of our personal favourites is Nonsuch Shrubs, where you’ll find shrub syrups and sodas that can be drunk as a non-alcoholic aperitif or be used as a mocktail ingredient. The shrub syrups are available in flavours such as caramelised pineapple and ginger, blood orange and bitter lemon or if you prefer, wild hedgerow and rose shrub.

2. REAL Dry Dragon

A sophisticated, luxurious drink that resembles the taste of a refreshing, sparkling Sauvignon Blanc, but without the alcohol or dairy products. REAL’s Dry Dragon is a light and citrusy non-alcoholic alternative to sparkling wine and is vegan-friendly. This is the perfect drink to enjoy during a sunny afternoon, a summer barbecue or in case you’re in need of a refresher.

3. American Classic Bourbon Malt

This drink might not officially qualify as fizzy, but it’s one that we couldn’t keep to ourselves. Lyre’s american malt is classified as completely non-alcoholic and is also vegan-friendly. If you’re not in the mood for a fresh drink but prefer something a bit more spicey, this is your perfect drink. With flavours of vanilla and toasted nuts, this American classic bourbon malt has a long mellow finish.

4. REAL Royal Flush

If you’re looking for a vegan, non-alcoholic alternative to prosecco, it will be worth your while to try out Royal Flush. Royal Flush is one of our fermented teas that is produced from fragrant First Flush Darjeeling which finds its origin in India. The first tips of tea are picked by hand at the emergence of spring and when fermented, they create a brew that is fresh and floral. Our kombuchas are a natural, organic product to which nothing is added. The tea itself develops a delicious taste of rhubarb, white peach and a touch of blackcurrant. What does it taste like, you might wonder? A prosecco, but without the alcohol and without any dairy products. And it’s also a great drink to use in fizzy cocktails, if that speaks to you even more.

How to serve kombucha

5. Fieldhopper Golden Ale

Last but definitely not least, we’re putten Big Drop Brewing’s Fieldhopper Golden Ale in the spotlight. This non-alcoholic, vegan drink contains earthy, honey flavours which is balanced out with a gentle bitterness provided by the aromas of orange blossom and grapefruit. Another plus: the Fieldhopper Golden Ale is also gluten-free!