A Booze-Free Getaway? Hotels that Serve Great Non-Alcoholic Drinks

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A Booze-Free Getaway? Hotels that Serve Great Non-Alcoholic Drinks

From boutique countryside inns to some of the most famous hotels in the world, we’re proud that REAL is served as the non-alcoholic alternative to sparkling wine on menus across the country. In this article we’ve picked out some wonderful stays that guarantee non-drinkers are properly catered for. 

There’s nothing quite like a delicious drink on arrival at a beautiful hotel – almost like an aperitivo moment that marks the beginning of complete relaxation. For those choosing not to drink, this should be as special as it is for anyone else. After all, there’s nothing particularly special about a sticky soft drink or a glass of fizzy water, so it’s great when you arrive to find something seriously delicious on offer.

If you’re anything like us, a chilled glass of Royal Flush – served straight in a beautiful flute, no ice, no slice – is exactly what you’re looking for. And that’s exactly what you’ll find in many of the hotels serving REAL Kombucha, some of which we’ve included in the list below. Others have created non-alcoholic cocktails using REAL, which perhaps work better for later in the evening. Either way, you’re guaranteed one of the best non-alcoholic drinks in the UK, helping you to make your time away an occasion you’ll remember… in more ways than one.

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Which hotels are serving REAL Kombucha in London?

Let’s start with London hotels serving REAL Kombucha, before moving further afield. Here is a selection, in no particular order…

The Dixon, Tower Bridge

For lovers of all things out of the ordinary, this smart hotel on the edge of Shad Thames (only metres away from Tower Bridge itself) will provide plenty of distraction. Stuffed to the gills with avant garde art, and with corridors that lead you from Victoriana to 1950s Britain, The Dixon is never anything less than fascinating. They’ve got a seriously decent non-alcoholic alternative to sparkling wine on the menu (yes… you guessed it), so there’s plenty here to make your time away from home particularly memorable.

The Dorchester, Park Lane

All the swish, all the swagger… but what else would you expect from the Dorchester’s exquisite China Tang restaurant? We first met their mixologists in 2018 and their desire to present great non-alcoholic drinks really impressed us. Scroll forward a few years and they’re still championing the non-alc kombucha cocktail and ensuring that their non-drinking guests feel properly welcomed. We raise our glasses to them.

Flemings, Mayfair

Step back into the 1930s in what must be one of London’s plushest cocktail bars, overlooking Green Park. Manetta’s Bar was once the home of the city’s literary cognoscenti, so this is the right spot to be in if you like a little history with your serve. And if you’re in no mood to leave the party afterwards, take a room in Manetta’s parent hotel, Flemings Mayfair. Now you’re really living.

Artist Residence, Pimlico

Hidden in the slightly less frenetic streets a short skip from London’s bustling centre, the Artist Residence is a London hotel exuding a rare sense of calm. Often hosting art-related events, and with a delicious menu on offer, this is the ideal spot for foodies and art-lovers combined. In short, it’s right up our street, and we’re delighted that they have been serving chilled glasses of Dry Dragon since our early days.

Four Seasons, Park Lane

Think plush London, think Park Lane. The Four Seasons Hotel is world-famous for its location – slap, bang on the edge of Hyde Park – as well as its own particular brand of luxury. Royal Flush sneaks onto the menu in a fitting guise, dressed to the nines in strawberry reds, flashes of pineapple, and with a dashing sprig of coriander to complete the ensemble. In these parts we’re known as The Adventure, and a more Four Seasonal non-alc cockail we’d find hard to imagine.

St James Court Hotel

Owned by the Indian Taj Group, the St James Court Hotel have been fans of our Royal Flush – fermented from an exquisite Darjeeling First Flush (known in India as the Queen of Teas) – since we began. Their Quilon restaurant specialises in cuisine from the coastal South West of India, and they have held on to their Michelin star since first opening in 2008. We’re delighted to be offered as a non-alcoholic option at such a notable establishment.

The Londoner

Promising a boutique aesthetic in a 16-storey corner of London’s Leicester Square, The Londoner is due to open to the public in September, 2021. And the great news for non-drinking visitors is that they’ll be serving Royal Flush across three of the hotel’s bars and restaurants. More news as we have it. Watch this space.

Are there any hotels serving REAL Kombucha across the rest of the UK?

Yes, there certainly are. You’ll find hotels serving REAL Kombucha in many locations across the country. Scroll down to see a few choice stays.

Gleneagles, Scotland

The culinary minds at the world-famous luxury 5-star and golf resort have long been fans of what we’re doing here at REAL. The restaurant manager at Gleneagles had this to say of us: “Delicate, balanced, and a truly remarkable non-alcoholic drink,” which, naturally, we’ve been dining out on ever since!

Pig Hotels, various locations 

We talk about The Pig Hotels a lot on this blog, and for good reason. They were among our first customers, and we really love their ethos. If you’ve not heard of these extraordinary boutique hotels, evolved from notable, historic buildings, check out our podcast with their Chef Director, James Golding. It’s all about farm-to-table cooking, and you’re encouraged to get out into the garden and learn more about what you’re about to eat. We advise hiding away in one of their snug bars and ordering a glass of REAL. Now, that’s REAL living, even if we do say so ourselves (and hope you’ll pardon the pun). You’ll find Pig Hotels in the New Forest, Southampton, the Mendip Hills, Studland, Otter Valley, Kent, Padstow and the South Downs.

The Swan at Wedmore, Somerset

Eating and drinking very well is undoubtedly the attraction at this boutique spot in the West Country. Run by Chef Tom Blake, formerly of River Cottage, the menu at The Swan at Wedmore is all about good local fare paired with some superb wines. For those not drinking, a glass of Royal Flush will work wonders on your palate.

Bel & The Dragon, various locations

Not dissimilar to the aforementioned Pig, Bel & The Dragon specialises in locally-grown produce served in boutique country inns often located in areas of natural beauty. If you’re interested in a walk in astounding countryside, followed by a great meal and a very comfy bed, then this is weekend away for you. And with our 750ml bottles on the menu, these hotels ensure that the non-drinkers in your party have everything they need. Highly recommended. Bel & The Dragon can be found in Wendover, Churt, Cookham, Kingsclere, Odiham, Reading and Windsor.

Hope Street Hotel, Liverpool

Hope Street Hotel‘s restaurant, The London Carriage Works, has maintained a winning reputation since it first opened in 2003. Boasting some of Liverpool’s finest dining, it has also been celebrated for its extensive wine list. It’s a real pleasure, therefore, to be presented as the non-alcoholic sparkling wine alternative at this bright, modern, forward-thinking hotel.

The Fellows House, Cambridge

Inspired by its illustrious academic surroundings, this modern hotel is a stone’s throw from the River Cam and ideally placed for a city break among the dreaming spires. You’ll find REAL Kombucha on menus around The Fellows House Hotel, where eateries include the Fellows Bar, the Fellows Kitchen and the Observertory. You get the picture, right?

Is there a hotel that you believe ought to be on this list? Let us know via our contacts page and we’ll see if our sales team can make it happen. Alternatively, if you’re a hotel looking for a great non-alcoholic alternative to sparkling wine, simply fill out this form and we’ll be in touch.