Turning Drinking Traditions Upside Down – A REAL Podcast

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Turning Drinking Traditions Upside Down – A REAL Podcast

Inspired by the Merry Month of May, when the country traditionally bursts back into life and quaffs drinks aplenty, episode 28 of The REAL Podcast is a conversation about how ancient ideas – whether they’re in food, drink, art or craft – needn’t stay as museum pieces. They can be used to inspire a bright and fascinating future – especially where the non-alc drinks world is concerned.


We chat to Henry Chevallier Guild, a natural-born cider maker, the heir to the Aspall estate, former chairman of the National Association of Cider Makers, and now an advocate of great non-alc options. As the founder of Nonsuch Shrubs, he has taken ancient recipes and turned them into a flavour inspiration for the Sober Curious movement.

Starting with a brief history of cider making and his own ancestory, we move swiftly into the world of shrubs and kombuchas and question how the burgeoning non-alcoholic drinks scene might take hold of some of these artisanal traditions and adapt them for modern times. It’s a story that takes in a huge amount of history, truckloads of apples (and a quick sidestep into the history of the apple), plenty of tradition with a side order of local ritual.

We hope you enjoy it.

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