Talking flavour journeys with the Belazu Ingredient Company – The REAL Podcast

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Talking flavour journeys with the Belazu Ingredient Company – The REAL Podcast

Welcome to Episode 27 of the REAL Podcast, brought to you as always by REAL Kombucha, where we ferment award-winning non-alcoholic wine alternatives from exquisite loose-leaf teas. And this one’s a real foodie special.


“Live Life in Full Flavour”

As we continue our journey at REAL Kombucha, we love meeting and working with people that really seem to be on the same wavelength. Take this week’s guests, for example. The folks at the Belazu Ingredient Company specialise in foodie items that can turn a good dish into something truly exceptional. They talk regularly about living life in full flavour, and about how life is too short for bland food. Living life in full flavour is something we can all aspire, so for this episode, we were delighted to invite their product specialist, Bob Curbishley, and their innovation chef, Henry Russell, to chat about what living a flavourful really means.

Over the next hour or so, we’ll be discussing how travel inspires culinary creativity, and how a little bit of that creativity can also fire the imagination and get the mind traveling, even when you’re stuck at home. We’ll also discuss the origins of Belazu, way back in Borough Market when they were known as The Fresh Olive Company, and how inspiring flavours and high quality have been at the heart of what they do from day one. Bob talks about how he became an olive oil sommelier, and also explains why it’s worth spending a bit extra on a good balsamic, while Henry tells us a bit about what an innovation chef does, answering the time-honoured question: what can I do with a jar of pesto that doesn’t involve pasta?

Along the way, we take in all kinds of food history and even find time for a kombucha tasting, asking Henry how he goes about pairing our fermented drinks with his ingredients. It’s worth noting, too, that the delicious new range of nuts he talks about at the end of the episode is now on the shelves in Waitrose, not too far from our own REAL Kombucha bottles, so you can put both into your shopping basket next time you’re shopping and try the pairing for yourself.

In short, this is a fast and friendly ramble through all things flavourful, on which you’re more than welcome to eavesdrop. Strap on your ear goggles, fire up your imaginations… things are about to get very tasty indeed.

REAL Kombucha lined up with the Belazu Nuts Range, both now available in Waitrose

About Belazu 

Belazu’s carefully sourced Mediterranean and Middle Eastern ingredients regularly get our mouth watering, and we’re not the only ones. Loved by acclaimed chefs like Yotam Ottolenghi and Sabrina Ghayour, and once championed by the late, great Gary Rhodes, you’ll see their quality ingredients adorned in many of the top restaurants in the country. Find out more on