The Everleaf Interview: Founding a Drinks Brand at a Kitchen Table

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The Everleaf Interview: Founding a Drinks Brand at a Kitchen Table

It has been a while since we last ventured out with The REAL Podcast, brought to you of course by REAL Kombucha. Those of you who have become regular listeners will know that for most of the first 20 episodes we tried to get out and meet like-minded brewers, entrepreneurs, fermenters and foodies. Of course, lockdown put a bit of a pause on things, but it’s great to say that we’re back and we’ve got some great conversations lined up for you.

For the first of what you might call our second series, we pulled on a face mask and jumped on a train into Bermondsey to meet Paul Mathew, a man whose multiple hats, including bar owner, mixologist, entrepreneur – many of those things that interest us here on the REAL Podcast – give him a really unique perspective. Paul founded the Hide Bar in Bermondsey over a decade ago, but it’s through his work as the man behind the award-winning non-alcoholic aperitif, Everleaf, that we’ve really got to know him.

In this episode, we chat to Paul about the world of non-alcoholic cocktails, the emergence of the non-alcoholic drinks world as a serious hospitality concern, and the journey that someone goes through to launch a new drinks brand from their kitchen table. And, if you stick around until the end, you’ll hear Paul knock together a delicious new kombucha sour using Everleaf and our very own Dry Dragon. We’ve posted the recipe here, so you can make it for yourself at home.

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Quotes from our Everleaf podcast

“It’s crazy, isn’t it? You’d be really surprised if you went into a restaurant and the vegetarian alternative was just a mushroom risotto. It’s kind of on a par. We have been a bit slow to move on. You don’t go to an amazing restaurant and order carefully sourced food with providence, from a farmer whose name you know, and then order a can of Cola with it. If you’re ordering delicious food you want something really good to pair with that. If you don’t drink you still want a good alternative! It’s not like you don’t drink and so you have to be happy with a can of Diet Cola.”

“[People think] I’m a bar owner and therefore I’m a drinker. But I’m also a non-drinker! Everyone that drinks alcohol also doesn’t drink alcohol! It’s not the only thing that passes our lips. I tend not to drink Monday to Thursday. That doesn’t mean that I only want Diet Coke or water on those days. I’ve got two young kids. When they go to bed, it’s Adult Time! That means making a nice drink that is adult in nature. I love making an Everleaf Spritz or having a kombucha at that time in the evening because it’s marking an occasion. It’s not the alcohol that relaxes me, it’s marking a change in moment and taking the time to mix a drink. Whether that’s opening a cork-and-cage closure and finding the right glass, or pouring an Everleaf over ice and slicing the orange… it’s the ritual of doing it that relaxes me, rather than the hit of ethanol coursing through my veins.” – Paul Mathew, Everleaf


In the next episode of The REAL Podcast, we’ll be heading down into the New Forest to meet farm-to-table chef extraordinaire, James Golding at the Pig Hotel, where he’ll be taking us on a tour of their extraordinary garden and introducing us to plants that taste like shellfish and other improbable bedfellows. See you in a couple of weeks.