The Office Christmas Party: Have You Got Your Non-Alcoholic Drinks Sorted?

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The Office Christmas Party: Have You Got Your Non-Alcoholic Drinks Sorted?


  • As served in 50 Michelin star restaurants, perfect for raising a glass this Christmas
  • All the flavour, sophistication and inclusivity of an adult drink, without the hangover, calories or sugar content
  • Pairs wonderfully with Christmas dishes
  • Inclusivity in a bottle – serve in a champagne flute and give non-drinkers something they’ll enjoy, and a chance to rejoin the party

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Here’s to a more inclusive Christmas

Around 1 in 3 people in the UK are either teetotal or hoping to cut back on their drinking. Statistically, that means someone within your office space is pondering a huge life change.

With Christmas party season coming up, the question is: Is yours a supportive work environment, or are you offering the same old Christmas blow-out, one size fits all?

It’s this simple: people are drinking less and looking for healthier options. It’s not enough to throw a few derogatory colas on the drinks trolley and be done with it. We’re through with sugar water as a non-alcoholic option. It’s not “ding dong merrily on sugar high” – it’s “ding dong merrily on high on life”.

Through a lack of choice, people who are not drinking (whether they’re pregnant, the designated driver or choosing to abstain for personal reasons) have long been relegated to the kids’ corner – sugary drinks served with ice and a straw.

In recent years, however, all that has changed. An abundance of non-alcoholic drinks options mean that this Christmas, everyone can join the party.

“My experience of working with the REAL team has been incredible. It is easy to work with a team who are passionate about what they do and champion their product. REAL is a sophisticated and easy drinking alternative to wine or Prosecco. I believe their product enables the consumer to enjoy the dining experience without having to drink alcohol or compromise on flavour/sugar content. I am a huge fan!”

Sonia Carvalho, Head of Beverages for Restaurant Associates


An exquisite drink, Royal Flush is brewed from a first flush Darjeeling, imbued with rich notes of rhubarb, gooseberry and a touch of black currant, pours with all the sparkle and celebration you’d hope for at Christmas. Naturally low in sugar, it’s a wonderfully sippable drink – not too sweet – with an adult flavour that many non-alcoholic wines can’t compete with.

Served in over 50 Michelin-starred restaurants and some of the country’s finest hotels, pubs and bars, it has fast become the non-alcoholic alternative to a Prosecco or a champagne.


Rarely for a non-alcoholic drink, each of our styles pair wonderfully with a smorgasbord of great food, whether you’re looking for something to go with the Christmas roast, dark meats, Asian fish dishes or even rich chocolate desserts. It’s for this reason that we’ve become the go-to non-alc option for some of the nation’s favourite chefs. We have loads of knowledge on the non-alcoholic space. If you need help planning your drinks menu, just ask!

Jamie Park, Head Chef at The Frog, Dalston

REAL’s drinks are also the perfect base for a top-drawer non-alcoholic cocktail. We’re not talking fruit juices banged together in a sorry excuse for a good night out, here. The acidity and complexity of these ferments really binds together the mixers you add to them, creating a non-alc cocktail you’d actually want to serve to your guests! We have a selection of delicious signature cocktails we’d love to share with you. Give us a call.

Restaurateur and chef, Mark Hix, has called this “the real deal”, while The Times gave it five stars in their non-alcoholic taste test. Michel Roux-Jr is rumoured to be a fan, while Tomé Morrissy-Swan, writing for The Independent, said these drinks are “8,000% better” than the other options available. And we’ll certainly drink to that.


Want an office Christmas party that caters to all, including those that prefer a clear head? We can lend a helping hand.

This year, REAL is offering a non-alcoholic bar – we can bring it in, install it and run it – whatever works for you and your party. We can offer a full non-alc drinks menu, sophisticated non-alcoholic cocktails… the works!

Alternatively, you can order the REAL range from all major wholesalers.

We’re always on hand to help you with non-alcoholic drinks training, food pairing ideas and recipes for amazing non-alcoholic cocktails.

We’re looking forward to helping you put together a Christmas party that caters to everyone.

Get in touch with your REAL rep, SHANI HIGGS, on 07969016539 or [email protected]