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Several weeks ago, we passed a very happy day interviewing vegcentric chefs in Bristol. One of the highlights was an hour spent perched at the kitchen counter in Box-E, chatting with Tessa Lidstone and head chef, Elliott Lidstone, as he knocked together the perfect pairing for one of our kombuchas.

In the time since, we’ve had dreams about this dish, and several of our blog readers and podcast listeners have dropped us a line asking if we can share the recipe that accompanies the picture at the top of this page. Very kindly, Tessa agreed to try and pin Elliott down and extract the knowledge from him – never an easy task when it involves an in-demand chef. 

And so, welcome to the first in a new series here on our blog, one in which we pester some of the amazing chefs we’ve had the pleasure to work with and get them to share their secrets. Up first: charred leek, goats’ curd and Jerusalem artichoke crisps, as created by Elliott Lidstone from Box-E. (Please excuse any typos you find in this post – we’re having to deal with heavily watering mouths.) 

Box-E’s charred leek, goats’ curd and Jerusalem artichoke crisps, paired with Smoke House by Real Kombucha

Serves 4 as a starter 


2 medium leeks
A couple of Jerusalem artichokes
Veg oil for frying
2 dessert spoons of Lilliput capers
Rapeseed oil
Goats’ curd (we use White Lake)
Powdered cep or black truffle (if available)


  1. Steam leek until soft and then colour in a pan or on on a griddle (or even barbecue).
  2. Slice Jerusalem artichokes as finely as possible (on a mandolin if you have one) and fry until golden at 140 degrees. Place on kitchen paper to dry.
  3. Mix the capers with good quality rapeseed oil to form a dressing.
  4. Place a spoonful of goats’ curd on each plate, arrange the charred leek on top.
  5. Spoon over the dressing and place the crisps on top.
  6. Add some watercress leaves and powdered cep or grated black truffle.

Goes beautifully with Smoke House. 

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