Not drinking? These pubs are inviting non-drinkers to rejoin the party

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Not drinking? These pubs are inviting non-drinkers to rejoin the party

Ever tried a night off the alcohol? If a good drink is part of your typical evening out, it’s not easy. Whether you’re a designated driver, pregnant, taking on a sober month or simply having a night off, the choices you’re left with are usually packed full of sugar or served with a straw. We’re not asking for the height of sophistication here, but something non-alcoholic and adult-oriented might be nice.

It’s for these reasons that we started brewing Real Kombucha, and for these reasons that we’re launching our Rejoin the Party campaign. We’ve been working with some pretty amazing pubs for some time – places like the Barworks Group that have noticed that people are drinking far less, far more consciously – and in the last couple of months we’ve partnered with Fullers and Laine’s, two huge pub chains that recognise the interests of what we call “The Modern Drinker”.

The Modern Drinker

Modern drinkers are not necessarily teetotal, but they are looking for an alternative to alcohol to suit those occasions when they fancy something different. They’re looking for something with that complex, fermented flavour; something with a bit of a bite; something that pours like an adult drink, and something that avoids the usual sweetness. They’re looking for something that they can drink comfortably all night – something that keeps the party interesting rather than bringing the evening to a close.

They’re also happy to live and let live. Any longterm non-drinker will tell you that there has been a peculiar tendency in this country to question any adult who walks into a pub and orders something other than alcohol. It seems that the UK is one of the few countries where you feel you have to apologise for not ordering an intoxicating substance! Thankfully, that’s changing. You’re far less likely to be asked “what’s wrong with you?” when ordering something non-alcoholic than you were even three or four years ago. Behaviours are shifting. People are changing the way they drink, in part because we’re more open-minded to different lifestyles, and partly because the options are opening up.

Rejoin the Party

Here’s what Mr Real Kombucha (David Begg) has to say on the matter.

“With as many as three pubs closing every day in this country, and almost 30% of people between the ages of 18 and 24 claiming to be teetotal, it’s easy to see that the Modern Drinker is looking for a wider range of options. That’s why we’re so pleased to be working with these amazing pub groups who recognise how quickly drinking behaviour is changing in this country, and are adapting accordingly. Non-drinkers have been excluded from the party for too long. We’re here to throw the pub doors open and let people know: the great British pub has listened. Everyone is welcome!”

So how can you get involved and help people feel more confident about changing their drinking behaviour? 

Well, firstly, take a look at our Rejoin the Party page. You’ll find all the info you to help you find a pub that now caters to the Modern Drinker by serving Real Kombucha. You’ll also find a section that celebrates how you’re changing the way you drink. Tag your Instagram photos with #RejoinTheParty and we’ll share them with the world.

Other than that, sharing this page with your friends and family would be a great start. The more people that know the options are out there, the better. You’ll find us by clicking on this Facebook link, this Twitter link, this Instagram link and this LinkedIn link (because office parties need non-alcoholic options, too!)

We’re looking forward to seeing you out there.