Note: Since we wrote this article in August 2017, we’ve since added a recipe page for kombucha cocktails. Click on the link to take a look at a wide selection. 

Whether you call it a mocktail, a non-alcoholic cocktail or an alcohol-free cocktail, there seems to be some debate as to whether a decent boozeless drink can be mixed using kombucha.

On a recent trip to The Pig Hotel (near Bath), any misgivings we might have had were laid to rest. Not only is it possible, but Yann – The Pig’s mixologist – has come up with some of the tastiest drinks we’ve ever had the pleasure of quaffing. Follow the videos and recipes below to find out more about these wonderful kombucha cocktails – but for the real thing, head to the Pig Hotel itself. You’ll find their details on our kombucha UK map

Dry Dragon Mojito

For a non-alcoholic kombucha cocktail with a real taste of summer, nothing can beat The Pig Hotel’s Dry Dragon Mojito, made with Real Kombucha’s Dry Dragon. Mixologist, Yann, has created a drink that brings a taste of lush, green vegetation to the table – as healthy-tasting as it is enjoyable to drink.

You will need… 

1 fresh lime
Fresh mint
Real Kombucha Dry Dragon
Crushed ice


Segment half a fresh lime, add it to a tall tumbler and squidge it thoroughly to get all of the juice out. Add a splash of sugar syrup. Take a handful of fresh mint and slap it until the aromas begin eeking out. Add the slapped leaves to your tumbler. Half fill with Real Kombucha’s Dry Dragon and stir through with your crushed ice. Garnish with the remainder of your fresh lime.

The Gardener’s Mistress 

For a non-alcoholic kombucha cocktail that comes loaded with a palpable sense of luxury, try the Gardener’s Mistress. Fused with ginger, black pepper, crushed ice and Real Kombucha’s Smoke House, it’s a drink to refresh on summer nights as much as it comforts as the winter draws in.

You will need…

2 slices of fresh ginger
20ml of basil syrup
Crushed ice
Real Kombucha Smoke House
Ground black pepper


Take a slice of fresh ginger, remove the edges and slice it down into slithers. Drop it into a tall tumbler and add the basil syrup. Crush the two together until you have a juicy pulp, then add about half a bottle of Real Kombucha Smoke House. Fill the remainder of the glass with crushed ice, topping it all off with a little more of the Smoke House. Garnish with the other slice of ginger and sprinkle some black pepper across the top.

The Non Collins

For an alcohol-free version of the classic Tom Collins cocktail, Yann has used a combination of Real Kombucha Royal Flush and Seedlip Garden 108 to create something modern and classy. A great kombucha cocktail for anyone in need of something with a little (non-alcoholic) kick to it.

You will need…

25ml Seedlip Garden 108
Real Kombucha Royal Flush
25ml fresh lemon juice
20ml sugar syrup
Cubed ice


Start with 25ml of Seedlip Garden 108, add 25ml of fresh lemon juice and 20ml of sugar syrup (the amount can vary depending on how sweet you like your Non Collins). Add some cubed ice to your glass and fill to the top – slowly but surely – with Real Kombucha’s Royal Flush. Mix to taste.