All aboard for the Mindful Drinking Festival

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Earlier this year, here on this very blog, we discussed what it means to be mindful – how it’s not the hippy-dippy nonsense that so many naysayers have it down as, and how a little bit of mindfulness here and there can make a world of difference. Keen to do all we can to help those in our community feel a little better in themselves, and always on the lookout to discover a new way of drinking, we were delighted to hear about the Mindful Drinking Festival, taking place at Bermondsey Square Hotel on August 13th. 

First things first, then: what on earth is the Mindful Drinking Festival, and – perhaps more importantly – what is mindful drinking?

The latter is probably the best place to start.

As you might expect, their philosophy is very much in line with the central tenets of mindfulness. Just as mindful walking involves being aware of what is around you and each step you take, mindful drinking is “becoming aware of how your body and mind are affected, and deciding if you’re okay with that.”

Neither the Mindful Drinking Festival or Real Kombucha are suggesting you give up drinking altogether. The message is simply one of being in tune with what is right for your current disposition. You needn’t feel pressured to do anything, whether that’s drinking a skinful or not drinking anything at all. As far as drinking alcohol is concerned, pressure is never a good thing. Do what is right for you and take strength from the decisions you make.

Over on the Mindful Drinking Festival website, there’s a great little seven-point summary on how to go about mindful drinking, as well as a wonderful UK map showing all the places that support and cater to the growing movement.

In the meantime, however, be sure to pop the event in your diary. The Mindful Drinking Festival promises to be a great day out for anyone interested in nights out without the morning after. As anyone who has tried a few pub visits without the booze can attest, there’s not a lot of choice when it comes to adult-oriented soft drinks or non-alcoholic alternatives. While there are a few more non-alcoholic beers on the market these days, most pubs in London stock a very limited range and rarely know much about the taste or quality of their selection when asked. If you get where we’re coming from here, then this is the fest for you. Plenty of choice, plenty to discover. It’s going to be a wonderful eye-opener.

We’ll be there running the Real Kombucha Tasting Table, where you can try some great kombucha and sample some of the teas we make it from – a kind of before and after experiment. It’s quite something to taste a first flush darjeeling tea followed by a bottle of Royal Flush, then sitting back to experience all the sensations pinging about on the back of your tongue. Now that’s mindful drinking, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Click on the link for more information on the Mindful Drinking Festival, which runs at Bermondsey Square Hotel (Aug 13th, midday-6pm), and come and find us for your chance to taste what we’ve been brewing up at Real Kombucha